Episode 15 : Hostile Takeover

Scene 1.
An elegant suburban house on the outskirts of Alice Springs, large ornate fencing surrounds the home, at one side of the home is a three car garage and on the other side a swimming pool.

Inside, Mr Gilbertson is in the drawing room, pacing up and down in the drawing room, talking on a mobile phone.

“…what are you talking about!?” he yells to the person on the other end of the phone.

“There’s been a hostile takeover bid by an external party and our directors have been swayed in their favour.” The voice repeated.

“Wha..? Wait a second, what happened to our White Knight?” he questioned.

“Looks like she’s involved too.” The voice explained.

“That bitch!” He yells, banging his clenching his fist against his thigh.

“Ok, you’d better hang up, I’ve got a phone call to make.” He pushes the hang up button hard, then pushes buttons to make a new call.

“Come on, come on…” he puffs.
“Hello, Brian, I’ve been expecting your call.” A familiar female voice answered coldly.
“What the hell are you playing at?” He shouted.
“Brian, it’s best we talk face to face.” She replied.
“You’d better get your butt down here ASAP, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do!” he yelled.
“I’ll be there in 4 days, until then, be careful, there’s some very dangerous people heading your way.” She warned.
“Eloise, is that a threat!?” He grunted.
“Brian, it’s not me you need to fear. It would be wise to keep that in mind.” Eloise calmly assured him.

Scene 2
Miles is sitting at a dining table talking to Charlotte. They are drinking tea and Miles is shaking his head.
“Take it as a compliment.” Charlotte says.
“I’m impressed that you found us. You’d make a great detective.” She continued.
“But I still don’t get it.” He put his elbows on the table and opens his palms up to the air.
“What is going on here?” He asked.
“It’s Aaron, Miles, he’s in danger.”
“Aaron..? Little Aaron, Claire’s baby?” He confirmed.
“Yes, Aaron.” She said.
“So what does that have to do with me and why are your dead relatives sending me on a wild goose chase to some backward country?” He sighed.
“Hey, come on, we do have electricity here!” She smiled.
Miles sits back in the chair and relaxes.
“Sorry Charlotte, It’s been a long trip and I’m tired.” He explained.
“It’s getting late, look, stay for dinner and I’ll explain everything.” She offered.
Miles threw his arms in the air and then behind his head.
“What the hell. I’ve got nothing better to do.” He put his hands down on the table and shook his head again.

Scene 3
Miles is eating with Charlotte and Richard, Richard has his head in a downward stance and Charlotte appears to be very upright and calm.
“So, you see Miles, there’s a lot of people who where rather upset when they found out my dad was a fake. That’s why there’s been reporters, that’s why…”
“I was trying to protect her.” Richard interrupted.
“You see, Miles, it’s Charlotte that’s the real psychic. We needed the money, so I pretended to be a psychic and used her to obtain information about our clients.” He explained, then continued:
“I hope you can understand, my daughter has a god given gift! I did what I thought was best.”
Miles just smirked, then replied:
“Hey, I’ve done worse.” He said with conviction.
“So.” Richard tried to lighten the conversation.
“Miles, how is it that you have the same abilities as Charlotte?”
Miles eyes look around nervously and simply says:
“I guess I was just, lucky. I suppose. So. Now what happens?” He asked.
“Miles, I know this is a big ask. I know you’ve been through a lot. But you need to make sure that Aaron does end up in the darkness.” Charlotte explains.
Miles’s eyes just look at the table and asks:
“What exactly does that mean?”

Scene 4:
Kate is walking along a city street and walks past a travel agents window.
She looks at the sign, then smiles and walks through the glass door.
She looks at the brochures and grabs a few.
A voice, with a strong Australian accent, from a room behind the counter yells out:
“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Then hangs up and walks out to greet Kate.
“Sorry, miss, damn bus operators think they run the world! How can I help you?”
Kate pauses for a moment, a little dumbstruck by the familiarity of his anger, then she says:
“Umm, well, I’ve been thinking about talking a tour around the center of Australia.”
“Right. Well, you’ve come to the right place! After all, our sign does say “Sydney Walkbout Tours”.
She turns her head to the large sign on the front glass, surprised she did not see it there.
“Right.” She said bashfully.
“Well, there’s a great tour running every month that goes for 8 days through the outback, it’s great value and includes a tour of some local Aboriginal towns, a visit to a faith healer and even a tour of the world’s largest Iron Ore mine.” He detailed.
“Well, that sounds like a bizarre combination.” She replied.
“Yeah, well, the mining company subsidise the whole shebang, so it works out better value than most.”
“Right.” Kate nods.
“Well, does it cater for kids?” She enquired.
“How old is your child?” He asked.
“Oh, no, not my child, I’ll be travelling with a friend and she has a 6 year old.” She explained.
“Perfect!” He exclaimed.
“Kids under 8 travel for free. The government consider it an educational tour.”
“Right, ok. Sounds… interesting.” She pondered.
“Here, take these brochures, here’s my card. Call me if you’re interested and I’ll be glad to help.”
He hands over a card to her and she reads it.
His name reads “Andrew Romer”.
“Ok, thanks… Andrew.” I’ll talk to my friend and see what she thinks.

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Episode 14: South

Scene 1.
Miles is walking inside Sydney airport, he is pulling some luggage behind him in the background, out of his vision, Kate appears to going through customs. He heads towards the doors to the airport and walks outside.
He walks passed a parked car, where a woman impatiently taps her fingers on the dash-board, a different view of the car reveals that the driver of the car is Claire, she is waiting for Kate.
“Come on Kate, where are you?” Claire rhetorically asks.
She turns to look at Aaron, sitting in the back seat in a car booster seat.
“Don’t worry honey, I’m sure she’s not far away.” She assures Aaron.
“She’s comes a long way, mummy!” He smartly reminds her.
Claire smiles.
“Yes, yes she does.” She responds.
She looks ahead of her at a row of Taxis, she sees someone who looks familiar hop into the back of a taxi, and she moves her head to take a better look, but she is distracted.
“There she is, there she is!” Aaron yells.
Claire looks across the road and sees Kate pulling her luggage.
Claire smiles, winds down the window, waves at Kate and beeps her horn twice.

Claire smiles, then looks back to take a look at the person getting into the taxi, but the taxi drives away. She looks back to Kate, who is now coming up to the car window.
“Hello Claire!” she beams.
“Hey Kate.” Claire greets her.
“Aunty Kate! Aunty Kate! I’ve got lots of presents for my birthday and .. and…” Aaron stumbles on his words.

“Aaron, let Aunty Kate get into the car and then you can tell her all about it.” She says.
Claire pops the boot of her car and Kate goes to put her luggage into the back.

Scene 2

Miles is in the back seat of a Taxi, the driver is of middle eastern appearance and asks “So, you in Sydney for business?”
“No.” Miles says displeasingly.
“Holiday?” He concludes.
“Nope.” He sighs.
“So, what…?” the taxi driver asks, looking a little lost.
“Looks like I’m chasing ghosts again.” Miles concludes.
“Ghosts?!” The taxi driver laughs.
“No ghosts here my friend and if there was, I’m sure the government would find a way to tax them!” He smiles and lifts his hands up in resignment.
“362 Mullhollen Drive, this is it just here.” He pulls the taxi over.
Miles leans over to pay the driver using a credit card. He turns it over to show the driver his signature and the verification code shows 171.
Miles gets out of the taxi, the tax driver pulls the boot lever and the boot opens. He removes his pull along bag and the taxi pulls away, revealing it’s licence number to be T180.
He walks up to the front door and the number of the door shows the number 6, with a faint outline of where the 3 and 2 where.

Miles knocks on the doorbell and waits nervously.
Richard Maulkin opens the door.
“Yes, can I help you?” He asks.
Miles asks:
“Ah, yes, is Charlotte at home?”
Richard looked a little agitated.
“Look, I thought I’d told you people…” he stopped to see Charlotte behind him.
“It’s ok dad! I’ll talk to him.” Charlotte assured him.
Richard just shook his head and huffed:
“I’ve got nothing more to say! The truth is out now and that’s that!” He yelped, then turned and walked away.
Charlotte just looked at Miles and smiled.
“You people?”Miles asked Charlotte.
“Reporters.” She replied.
“Umm, if this is not a good time…” Miles said.
“Don’t worry, I know why you’re here.” Charlotte said assuredly.
“Sorry, I’m not with you” he replied quizzically.
“You must be exhausted from your long flight, come on in, I’ll explain everything.”
Miles just looked sheepishly at her, turned his head to the side a little, then followed her inside.

Scene 3.
Claires home.

Claire is putting a kettle on and asks Kate:
Kate puts hands on her sides and replies.
“Hmmm, no thanks, I think I’d prefer to go to sleep rather than stay awake.”
Claire smiles at Kate
“It’s so good to see you again.” Claire concludes.
“Thanks” Kate smiles.
“Kate, I’m worried. You seem a little lost.” Claire says.
“Me, I’m just tired.” Kate said.
“That’s not what I mean. I mean, I loved seeing you hear again, but you just seem so… well alone.” Claire said sadly.
Kate did not reply, she just looked a little uncomfortable, her eyes looked away.
Claire looked for meaning and said assuringly.
“You know, when Charlie died, it really felt empty. Part of me died too. It felt like I was living in a dark cloud.”
Kate did not reply, she just stared at Claire coldly, she had almost forgotten about Charlie, she had almost forgotten about all those horrible things that happened on the Island.
Claire continued:
“In fact, if it wasn’t for all the people we made friends with on the Island, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and of course, you,… I… well, who knows what would have happened!” She laughed.
Kate rubbed her arms as if she was cold.
Claire’s eyes looked shyly skyward, then she continued.
“Oh, I’m sorry, listen to me blab on and on. You must be tired. I’ll get your bed ready!”

Scene 4
Blue Sky mine, Central Australia.
Mr Gilbertson sits in his office, he reaches into his desk drawer, pulls out a bottle of MacCutheon whiskey and pours a small shot into a clean glass.

A voice comes through the intercom:
“Sir, I have a gentleman on the phone who wishes to discuss becoming a major shareholder.” Janelle said with dubious inflection.

“What the…. Who is this joker? Does he have no knowledge of protocol?” Mr Gilbertson yells.

“Sir, his name is Josephus, he sounds French.” Janelle continues.

“I could not care is he calls himself god! Bloody hell, what other madness can happen in one week?” He asks rhetorically, then continues…
“… send him an application to purchase shares. Make sure he’s aware that there is only one major shareholder in this venture and that’s ME!”

He grabs the glass and holds it on an angle, looking at the brown liquid.
“Well, my Scottish friend, looks like you’re my only saviour this time!” He chuckles to himself then skulls the contents in one sip.

Scene 5.
Penny is standing on the bow of the Elizabeth, smiling and looking very pleased.
“It’s beautiful! Des, come up here and take a look!” Penny calls out to Demon, who is below. Charlie is taking down sails and tying up rigging.

“Eye” Desmond says, hugging her from behind. “Welcome to Sydney harbour!”

They look around at the blue water, the blue skies, the boats, the birds and everything looks postcard picture perfect.

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Episode 13: Going back to go forward.

Episode 13:
Going back to go forward.

Scene 1.
Overlooking a mining site with a sign reading “Blue Sky Mining”. There is a site office, which is located in the centre overlooking a valley. There are mining entries into many surrounding mountains.
Interior view of the site office reveals a man in his late 50’s, wearing a suit, sitting behind a large wooden desk with a laptop, a phone and a few plans laid out on top of the desk.
“Mr Gilbertson” a voice on the phone prompted.
“Yes, Janelle” the man in the suit replied.
“Sir, we have a situation at the new site.” Janelle replied.
“What kind of a situation?” he enquired.
“Security has captured a protestor on the grounds.” She stated.
“Right, so why don’t they let the authorities deal with this person?” He prompted.
“Sir, I think it would be best if you deal with this person yourself.” She sheepishly replied.
“Why on earth would I want to deal with some ‘protestor’?” He snickered.
“Well, sir, ahm, because he, well sir, it’s your son.” She answered.
“Tell them to bring him to me at once” He frowned.
“Yes, sir.” She confirmed.
“Dammed kids” he muffled to himself.

Scene 2.
Kate is at the airport, lining up at the Oceanic express check-in.
She has a melancholy look on her face. A young aboriginal man standing behind her notices her sad looking face and asks:

“Your first trip to Australia?”
Kate looks a little rattled, but then smiles and says:
“No, I’ve been a few times now.”
“Cool.” He smiled and then asked: “You got family there?”
“Ah, no, just friends.” She replied, then asked, “are you going home then?”
“Yeah.” The young man said, then continued, “home at last.”
Then after an awquard silence, he asked:
“Have you ever been to the never-never?”
“Pardon?” she asked.
“The sticks? The bush? You know, the out-back?” He clarified.
“No, but it’s funny you should ask, I’ve been thinking about going on one of those ‘outback adventures’” She smiled.
“Really” He laughed.
“Why is that funny?” She enquired.
“Well, maybe you can come visit us?” he offered.
“What, you live there?” she asked.
“Nah, I live in the big smoke. But I do own a luxury hotel near Ularu!” He smiled.
“Wow.” She said, genuinely impressed.
“Well, do don’t think they’d let just anyone through the express check-in, would you?” he laughed.
“I, well, I don’t even think about it anymore. They gave me a gold pass.” She replied.
“They? What’s your game then?” he enquired.
She laughed and asked: “What, you don’t know me?”
“Sorry love, you’ve lost me?” he replied.
“I’m one of the Oceanic Hero’s, you know, we where on TV?” she said.
“I’m sorry, I’ve been on the road a lot, what’s an Oceanic Hero?” he asked.
“Hmph.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really know.” She sighed.
“Well, I’m sure it means something.” He assured her.
She looked a little un-easy so he said to her:
“Well, I tell you what. Here’s my card. Call me if you’re in the neighbourhood, I’d shout you a night at one of my hotels.” He offered.
“Are you serious?” She beamed.
“Sure, what else would a hero deserve?” He smiled.
Kate smirked bashfully and said:
“Bungaree” he said, offering a hand shake, then he said “… but my mates call me Bunga!”
“Ok, well, thanks ‘Bunga’, I might just take up that offer. Looks like I was lucky to bump into you.”
“Perhaps it was coincidence, or perhaps it was fate” he smiled.
Kate took no notice of the comment, she just looked at the gate, which had number 51 on top of the door. There was an Oceanic employee opening the door.
“Well… that’s us.” She pointed.
“Sure is!” he replied and they moved towards the door.

Scene 3.
Mr Gilbertson’s office, Blue Sky Mine.
Mr Gilberton is standing behind his desk, arms outstretched so that his palms are resting on the desk. On the other side of the desk, his son, a tall, slender young man of about 17 stands with his hands by his side, waiting for a confrontation.
“What in blazers is your problem, Tim?” Mr Gilbertson asks.
“Dad, I told you how I feel about the new site!” Tim yelled.
“You told me some mumbo-jumbo about how the locals feel about it.” His father snickered.
“Dad, you know the land is sacred!” Tim cried.
“What I know, is that the land has been authorised to mine. What I know is that you illegally gain entry to the site. What I know is that you are nothing but trouble!”
Tim did not respond. His face was defiant.
“Right then. Get yourself back home, I’ll deal with you later.” Mr Gilbertson looked down at the desk. Tim did not move, then he looked up at his son and said:
“Run along then!”
Tim just shook his head in disbelief and walked out.

Scene 4.
On board flight Oceanic 171, Kate sits in her seat, grabs a catalogue and looks around. Bunga sits a few seats in front of her, on the other side of the plane. He turns around and gives Kate a nod. She responds with a courteous smile.
A walk through view of the plane’s interior, show passengers placing luggage in the overhead compartments and taking their seats. An all-too-familiar sight for Kate. Row upon row of strangers flying to a destination far from where they are, there is a view of the top of someone’s head complete with headphones the person is anxiously changing channels to finally locate the music they can enjoy. The song playing is ‘Down among the dead men’ by Flash and the Pan. A closer view of the head, now bopping to the music reveals that it is Miles.

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Episode 12: Pathways.

Episode 12:

Scene 1:
The Island:
Rose and Bernard are sitting inside a man-made hut eating fruit and fish.
Bernard says: “Well… I have to admit, this lifestyle certainly agrees with us. I feel great and you… you’ve never looked better.”
Rose rolls her eyes and smiles.
“Ha. You know, the older you get, the sillier you get.” She smiles, then continues, “well, I do admit, life is pretty good, especially now that there is no one trying to kill each other just to get some sort of ‘secret power’ from this place.”
Then Bernard, suddenly serious says: “That’s what I’m afraid of.” He pauses.
“Pardon?” asks Rose.
“All good things must come to an end”. Bernard explains.
“Bernard, what’s on your mind?” She asks.
“Rose, no one can live forever.” Bernard states, then continued… “and I can’t bear the thought of living without you.” He sighed.
“Bernard, I…” she huffed.
“Rose, let me continue…” he interrupted.
“and I don’t want to leave you alone.” He concluded.
Rose replied: “Bernard, there’s nothing you can do about it, what happens, happens.”
“Rose, if I go before you, will you live with them?” Bernard asked.
Rose simply replied:
“Honey, I’ll be just fine on my own.” She assured him.
“Yes, I know, but they’re good people and you could do with the company.” Bernard replied.
“Well, Hurley’s nice and Walt’s a good kid, but Ben, well, Ben is… well… Ben.”
“I know, but please, Rose, just think about it, if, well, when… the time comes.”

Scene 2: Within the old Dharma barracks.
Hugo is sitting at a desk surrounded by Dharma books and science books and books about ancient Egypt.
Ben is standing near a bookshelf with an open book in his hands, book marking pages with Santa Rosa bookmarks.
Hugo says:
“Dood, I’ve spent years reading these crazy books and I still don’t understand.”
Ben just looks up over the rim of his glasses and states:
“Well, Hugo, perhaps you understand them better than you think.”
“Huh?” Hugo replies.
“You know that people would kill for this sort of knowledge, people have been looking for these answers for thousands of years.”
“Yyyeah. I do know…” Hugo reflected.
“And what do you want from being here?” Ben asked.
“I … just want them to… just… stop.” Hugo stated.
Then Ben looks into empty space and smiles.
“Hugo, that’s why you do understand.”
There’s a knock at the door.
Hugo smiled and said: “That will be him.”
Ben called out: “Walter, whilst we appreciate your polite knocking before entering, feel free to come in whenever you like, after all, this is your home.”

Walt, now a mature young man, enters the room, slowly followed by Lapidus.
Lapidus looks at Hugo and then looks around, raises one eye-brow at the sight of Ben and then sarcastically says:

Scene 3.

A yacht sailing across the ocean, a closer view reveals Desmond cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast.
“Charlie, how’s that assignment coming on?” Desmond yells down below.
Charlie, now a young man, with blonde, short curly hair, comes up from below with a book in his hands.
“I don’t understand why they give us these silly Geography assignments, these places seem so far away.” He looked up to his sun-tanned dad, now plating up breakfast.
“What you studying then?” Desmond asked.
“Australia” Charlie says.
“Australia!” Desmond laughs, then continues, “huh, it no’ that far away, son. We’re only 3 days from there.”
“Really!” Charlie exclaims.
“eiy” Desmond assures.
A sleepy looking Penny comes up from below and asks:
“What are you two up to?” Penny investigates.
“Can we go to Australia? Can we?” Charlie pleads.
“Good morning, Charlie.” She smiles.
“Morning Mum.” He sheepishly replies.
Desmond looks at Penny and smiles.
“Well…” Penny thinks out loud, then continues, “…if it helps with your study.”
“Cool!” Charlie yelps.
“Let’s eat!” Desmond smiles, then sits down with Charlie and Penny.

Scene 4.

Miles is sitting at a desk with an iMac and he is Google-ing information about Charlotte Malkin. He is reading and article about how her coming back to life from ‘death’ during autopsy.
Miles finds and address and writes it down. 362 Mullhollen Drive, Hillsdale, Sydney NSW.
Then he mumbles to himself “How the hell am I going to get to Australia.

Scene 5.
Ben looks at Lapidus and asks:
“So, Walt has briefed you?”
Lapidus paces the floor in front of the desk where Hugo is sitting.
“So, let me get this right. You want me to travel half way across the globe on some sort of magical mystery tour, just to be there for reasons you can’t really explain?” He questioned.
“In case of what?” He asked, then followed with another question: “What exactly is it that you guys are up to?”

Ben looked at Hugo and then Hugo said confidently:
“Let’s just say, we’re gatekeepers.”
“Gate? To where?” Lapidus enquired.
“Well…” Hugo explained, “…let’s just say that there are places, that are beyond what you would call ‘physical’ and that the only thing standing between the physical and non-physical are places like this one, right Ben.”
“I could not have said it better, Hugo.” Ben replied.
“Wait, you said “places” like this one?” Lapidus asked.
Then Ben interjected and said coldly:
“Well, you didn’t think this was the only place like this, did you?”
Lapidus replied:
“Up until about 30 minutes ago, this was the last place I wanted to think about. Now you’re telling me there’s more places like this and you want me to go to another one?”
“Another five to be exact.” Ben clarified.
“Wha..? Wait, why me? Again?” He enquired.
Ben replied: “Because you’re the best at what you do.”
“And what exactly is that?” Lapidus equired.
Hugo replied:
“You’re the best at finding places that could not normally be found.” Hugo smiled.
Then Walt, sitting in a chair in a dark corner quietly reminded him:
“You found this place… twice.”
Then he looked at Lapidus and Lapidus, looking defeated said:
“It seems to me that I don’t really have a choice, do I?”
Walter philosophically replied:
“Everyone has a choice, everyone has free will. It’s just that some of us are given paths in which to travel. The question is, will you take this path?” He asked.

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Episode 11. Manounou.

Scene 1.
A man stumbles through a jungle near a beach. He pulls some branches aside as he walks rapidly.
He walks on and on, climbing over vines and through patches of sand.
He finds an opening in the jungle. There is a pile of what looks like clothes, but on closer inspection, it turns out to be a mound of skeletal remains of bodies, piled up together in a bunch.
“Merde!” the man says.
Then he sees a rescue helicopter. He looks at the bodies, then looks at the helicopter and grimaces. He waves at the helicopter and someone sitting inside signals back.

Scene 2.
Miles walks up to a house and checks the address against the address he wrote down on a scrap piece of paper in his pocket.
171 The Boulevard.
He walks to the front door of a modest, small suburban house.

He knocks 3 times. “Hello” he calls out.
“Come in, the door’s open.” An old woman calls out.
He looks surprised to think that there are people who leave their doors un-locked. He turns the door handle and opens the door.
Inside, he finds minimal furniture and it’s very quiet inside.
“Hell… ooooo” he silently mocks.
“In the kitchen.” She guided Miles.
He walks into the kitchen and sees an elderly couple sitting at the kitchen table, with nothing on the table except a vase with two dead flowers in a vase, with no water in it.
“Hello, ah Mr and Mrs..”
“Sit down, please.” The old man interrupted. He did not look at Miles directly, and the old woman did not seem to pay him much attention.
Miles pulls a chair out and looks at the two curiously.
“So… you called?” He reminded them.
“It’s about our granddaughter” the woman said.
“We’d like you to find her.” She continued.
“How long ago did she pass away” Miles asked.
“She’s in another place now, we can’t reach her.” The old man sulked.
Miles looked at him oddly.
“She’s in Australia” the old woman stated.
“Ahm, Australia? What did she die there?” Miles quizzed.
“You need to reach her.” The old man assured him.
“Rrright. Ok, do you have anything of hers, clothes, a hat or anything personal that I can hold?” He asked.
“You’ll find everything you need in Australia.” The old woman concludes.
Miles smiles at the situation, then asks a rhetorical question.
“And, ah, how did you expect to pay for this little adventure?”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be well rewarded.” She smiles.
Miles gets up from his chair, agitated and annoyed.
“Look, this sort of job requires up front payment of at least four thousand…”
“Please, just find her. Her name is Charlotte. Charlotte Malkin. We don’t have much, but we really need your help…” the old man cries.
Miles sighs then concludes :
“Even if I could go on this hair brained ghost safari, what would I do if I found this girl?”
“You’ll find her in Sydney, Henson St. Number 9.” The old man said coldly.
“Rrrrright. Look, you both seem like a nice couple, but I’ve got better things to do. It was nice meeting you both.” He gets up out of his chair then walks towards the door.
He walks towards the door and shakes his head.
“Number 9 Henson St, don’t forget.” The woman repeats.
“God forbid!” Miles mumbles to himself.

Miles walks out the front door and closes it behind him.
He walks towards his beaten up old car when a voice asks:
“Sir, can I help you?” a police woman steps out of her police car and asks.
“Me?” Miles points to himself.
“What is your business here?” her name badge reads “Teresa Cortez”
“Here? This place” Miles points to the house, then concludes, “I have no business here, that’s for sure.”
“Can I see your license please?” she demands.
“What? Why?” he asks.
“You have no right to be entering that property sir.” She takes his wallet and takes notes on her notepad.
“Um, I was invited here.” He laughs.
“Oh, that’s a good one.” She replies with greater laughter.
“Son, unless you are family, you could be charged with Break and Enter, or at least Trespassing. You’d better have good reason for being there!” She strongly advised.
“What? The door’s open! They asked me in.” Miles yelled.
“That’s very interesting sir, especially since no-one has lived there for 4 weeks.”
“Come with me, please.” She demanded.
Miles huffed and threw his hands up in the air.
She puts him into the back of the patrol car and locks him in. She gets on the radio and starts making enquiries.
A few minutes later, she lets him out from the back of her patrol car.
“Look, legally, I can’t hold you, as I did not actually ‘see’ you enter the premises, nor did I ‘see’ you force entry. Therefore, you’re free to go.” She reluctantly opens the door, then lets him out.
“Wait, what do you mean when you say no-one has lived there for 4 weeks? What about the old couple?” he asks.
“Did you know them?” She enquired.
“Know them?” he replied, then continued: “… I saw them. Around. You know.”
“Your address is on the other side of town.” She points out.
“Yeah, my Aunty lives near hear.”
“Well, the ‘old couple’ you refer to, they both died 4 weeks ago, of natural causes, both at the same time, quite romantic when you think of it. I came here today to take stock of possessions, they are to be donated to the local charities.” Cortez smiled, then looked at Miles. Miles was gob-smaked. He did not see it, but now it’s becoming clear.
“Sir, are you ok?” Cortez asks.
He snapped out of his daze, then said. “Y, Yeah. I’m fine. Yeah, thanks.” He just walked away then sat down in his car, took his mobile phone out of his pocket and checked his mobile phone for call logs. There where no incoming calls, not for a long, long time.
Miles started his car and drove away.

Scene 3:
Kate is in her kitchen, cooking eggs.
Her phone rings, she turns the stove off. Puts her spatula down and runs to the phone.

“Well hello stranger! It’s been a long time.”
“Oh good, how did it go?”
“See, I told you. Everyone deserves a second chance.”
“and how’s the lovely Clementine?”
“That great. She’s lovely. So where are you? Where are you going next?”
“Me? Well, I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about going back to Australia.”
“Yeah, they’re doing just fine. You know Aaron’s just turned 6?”
“Yes, time does go quickly, before you know it we’ll be pushing walkers.”
“Freckles? Ha! I haven’t heard that one for a while.”
“Ok, Yep. Sure, I’ll be sure to call you when I see Claire again.”
She smiles, then takes a deep breath.
“Ok, you take care. Speak to you later.”
She hangs up the phone, smiles and shakes her head.

Scene 4:
The French captain runs towards the helicopter, now stopped on an open area covered with small patches of grass weed.
He runs towards the pilot, who is stepping out of the helicopter.
“I found it!” He laughs. The helicopter pilot does not respond.
“Where are the others?” The French captain asks.
“You idiot!” An American voice with a southern accent replied. “This is Manounoui island.” he continued.
“What?” he questioned.
“Man-ou-nou. The island where ‘The Oceanic heroes.’ where held captive.” He stated.
“Take a look around, there’s the abandoned runway. Look in the jungles somewhere, I’m sure you’ll find animal cages there as well.” He chuckled.
“But, I followed the co-ordinates, the numbers can’t be wrong!” he cried.
“They’re just numbers, Josephus.” The American smiled.
“Sonofabitch” Josephus replies.
“Look on the bright side, buddy. You’re alive, aint you?” He laughs, then signals to him to climb on board.
“Take a look around, it must be here somewhere?” He pleaded.
“Josephus, I’ve just flown in here, there’s nothing else around for miles and miles.”
Defeated, deflated, exhausted, Josephus climbs on board the helicopter.

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Episode 10: Terra Firma

Lapidus opens his eyes to find that he was still surrounded with water.

He panics and struggles to swim up to light and what looks like the surface.
Reaching the surface, his eyes squint as he looks around in a daze.
He lets out a groan as if his lungs are exhausted.
The water is calm, there is sunlight gleaming through trees.
He clears his eyes and coughs a little.
Between his squinted eyes he can make out what looks like rocks. He swims towards them and reaches shallow water.
He stands up, looks around, stumbles to his feet, he looks around to see he is shin-deep in a clam river. He sees a body floating face down in the shallow water, then without hesitation, he stumbles over the rocks, moving quickly over to where the body is floating.
There is a body face down in the shallows, he reaches down and turns the body face up. The body is that of Sam’s. Lapidus turns him over, he feels for a pulse, he can see where a few ribs cracked through Sam’s shirt then he stopped checking Sam’s vitals.
Lapidus wipes his own mouth and forehead with the back of his hand and says rhetorically:
“Well, I hope you found your peace, Sam I am.”
Then a soft, female, voice whispers clearly.
“Love you madly, Sam.”
Lapidus suddenly drops the body back into the river, and looks around for the source of the voice.
He can see vines, sunlight through familiar trees and an even more familiar tropical jungle. Then he sarcastically snarls:
“Oh, great!”

Scene 2:
The body of the French Coast Guard captain is washed up on a beach.
His face is pasted with sand and his hair and clothes are wet.
Waves lap gently against his legs, he is missing one shoe and corresponding sock.
His fingers twitch.
He moves his arm slowly.
He turned himself over to his back and opens his eyes. His face is water logged and his eyes are puffy, he blinks a few times, then slowly gets to his feet.
He looks around the beach, looking very lost.
“Où suis-je” he says to himself.
Then, he looks around in circles, he grabs something from his pants pocket, his confusion changes rapidly to excitement.
He laughs histerically, then pushes some buttons on a GPS Phone.
An automatic GPS emergency beacon signals to another location.
He walks towards inland with a grin on his face and he sets out exploring through the trees.

Scene 3:
Kate is walking near at airport at night, she is cold and wraps her arms around herself.
She hears a familiar voice calling “Kate!”
She looks confused, she looks around everywhere and does not see anyone.
Then at last she sees a figure in the darkness.
“Jack?” she questions.
“You have to go back, Kate” his voice said.
“Back? Back where?” Kate asked.
“Australia, Kate. Aaron… It’s too soon, he’s too young!” Jack yelled.
“uuuaaah” Kate gasped, then sat blot up-right in her bed, her heart pounding, her eyes bulging. A tear ran down her face.
She held her head in her shaking hands, it has been many years since she as thought of Jack. Memories flooded her heart, confusion entered her mind.

Scene 4:
Claire is in her living room, there are decorations, balloons, party hats, a birthday cake with the number 6 on it, streamers and presents.
She looks out to the front yard to see Aaron playing in the yard with some friends.
She’s proud of him. He’s grown up quickly. He’s had to.
Her iMac makes a strange alert ringing tone. There is an incoming Skype call.
Claire runs over to the screen, moves the mouse and clicks on the on¬-screen accept button.
“Hey there Aunty Kate!” she smiles.
“Hello Claire!” she smiles and waves, then she asks:
“Where’s the birthday boy?”
“He’s out playing. I’ll just go get him…” Claire said.
“Wait…” Kate stopped Claire. “ how are you? How’s Aaron?”
“Fine, we’re just fine… we’re heading off on holidays soon, we’re heading to the Northern Territory for an ‘outback adventure’.” She smiled.
“Claire.” She interrupted. “I… I’ve been thinking about coming back.” She stated.
“Really? Sure… you know you’re always welcome… when? Kate, is everything ok?” she quizzed.
“Sure, I just want to, visit. You know, to see you guys again.” She said.
“Right, ok then, sounds great, we’ll chat later, I’ll grab Aaron for you, I need to get lunch ready!” Claire hurried.
“Ok” Kate smiled. Somehow, the thought of seeing Aaron both put her mind at ease, yet left her un-easy.

Scene 5:
Miles is walking down a suburban street when his mobile phone rings.
The Ghostbusters theme song is his ringtone.
“This is Miles” he answers.
“Yes” he replies.
“Wait, who told you that?”
“Well, yes, I would be interested.” He says un-easily.
“Yes” he says reluctantly.
“Wait, let me write that down…”
“Right, ok…” he writes down the details on pen and paper.
“ok… a-ha. Ok, I’ll be there on Tuesday, ok thank you, bye.” He put the phone back into his pocket, with a look of distain.
He shook his head a little then said to himself, “oh boy”.

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Lost Season 7, Episode 9 “searching”

Last episode quick re-cap. A few days after leaving the Island, Ben and Hugo are talking to Eloise, she has a displeased look on her face.
Eloise : “Let’s get down to business, shall we.” She said coldly.

Scene 1:
Eloise sits at a desk with some books, a desk lamp, a computer terminal, a clock and other odds and ends on her desk. Behind her on the walls are monitors, indicator lights and what looks like a series of photos with dates at the bottom of them.

Ben looks around at what looks like a mess, then he looks at Eloise and says sarcastically:
“Looks like someone hasn’t had their coffee yet.”
Eloise replies sharply:
“Ben, it would be wise to keep your opinions to yourself.”
Hugo starts to gets a little agitated.
“Look, I just want to know if the Island is going to be ok?”
Eloise smiles, Hugo’s innocence pleases her.

She replies:
“The Island will be stable, as long as there is some good on the Island to maintain the balance…”
Hugo takes a minute to soak in what she has said, then replies:
“Rose and Bernard!”
“Precisely” She assured him. “The island has been through a severe balance shift, it will settle down, as long as no-one tries to abuse it’s power again.” She pauses, then continued. “Unfortunately, this won’t stop others from trying to find the Island and use it for their own selfish desires.”
Hugo interrupted with the burning question:
“Wh..? What exactly is the Island?”
She looks at Ben quizzically.
“Don’t look at me, I don’t know any more than you do.” He stated.
“Here.” She says with confidence, then goes to a bookshelf and picks up some folders, some with Dharma logos on them and others that are thick books with no obvious labels on them.
“Read these. You’ll need to learn these, so you can teach.” She said.
Ben interjected:
“So soon?”
“Oh come on, Ben. We all know he needs to be the next man in charge.” Then she stopped and looked at Hugo, then back at Ben, then asked: “You mean to say, you haven’t told him yet?”
Ben looks a little sheepish, then replies:
“I just haven’t gotten around to it.”
Hugo looks at them both and says:
“Who are we talking about..?
“It’s Walter, Hugo. The Island needs him, he will be taking over from you. The only thing is, I have no idea how we’re going to get him back to the Island, since there appears to be no pendulum.” Ben huffed.

Eloise replies:
“There is no need for such a device.” She assures Ben, then walks over to a door with a digital console security device on the wall. She pushes some numbers into the device, then opens the door and says:
“We have a far more efficient way of finding the Island now.”
She opens the door to a room filled with rack-mounted computers, each linked to each other with fiber optic cables. In front of these racks is a single computer terminal with a global map and lines all through it.

Scene 2:
Hugo walks into the computer room that Eloise has revealed.
“What are all these computers for?” He asks.
Eloise replies:
“They are all processing one very complicated equation which determines the future path of all mankind.”
“Equation?” Hugo questions.
“The Valenzetti equation. It determines the destination of every person’s soul. The map that will determine how you get back to the Island.” She replies.
Hugo replies:
“Errr… I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but, if we can find the Island, then other people can find it, right?”
“There is already someone else looking for it now.” She says coldly.
“Then how are we going to make sure no-one else gets there?” Hugo asked.
“I think you better ask Ben that question.” She snickers.
“Oh- oh” Hugo replies, then says: “Not again.”
“Yes, Hugo, again. But this time, you’re going to have to do something a little different.”
Ben and Hugo looked at eachother, then Eloise continued.
“There people out there, some… dubious people out there, looking for the Island. So, we’re going to give them an Island.”

Scene 3:
**** 6 months later: ****

Night time, sheets of rain are pouring down. A coast guard ship, with helicopter on board is crashing through heavy waves in the Pacific Ocean. Inside the ship is a dining area. Lapidus is sitting eating what looks like mush. He looks very disgruntled and bored. Then a young Australian man sits next to him. The ship is swaying side to side.
“Captain.” He says.
Lapidus looks up at him and asks:
“Do I know you?”
“I am Sam.” He states, then quietly sits next to him.
“So, tell me Sam I am, what’s your take on all this treasure hunting?” Lapidus asked.
Sam replies:
“I am not looking for treasure.” He states.
Lapidus looks at him with stealy eyes, then asks:
“Then what are you looking for?”
“Answers. Peace. Closure.” He sighs.
Lapidus looks around, then asks:
“Then what are you doing with this crazy mob?”
“Ha! Me, I’m just here for the ride mate.” Sam smiled.
“Well, Sam, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Lapidus said extending a hand, then continued, “You’re not eating?”
“Nope. They don’t serve any green eggs and ham on this boat.” He grinned.

Scene 4:

A fairly solid man holds the wheel of the Coast Guard ship. He has black hair, thinning at the front and pony-tailed at the back. He is struggling with the wheel and checking instruments. He yells at his ship-mates:
“What in the hell is going on?” He yelled in a slightly French accent.
A second man comes through a side door, holding on tight, fighting against the ships violent movements.
“What are you doing you stupid..” He stammered.
“I don’t understand, the bearing is true?” An American man answered.
“Then why are we going in the wrong direction? Look! Look at the compass!”
“But sir!?” the American replied.
Then, suddenly from out on deck, a voice yelled:
“Whirlpool! Whirlpool port side!”
“Merde!” The French captain of the ship turns the wheel quickly, then turns the engine power to full.
The engine replies with a metallic grinding noise. It stammers and stops.
“What now!?” The American asks.
The ship starts to pull backwards, then turns sideways in towards the whirlpool.
Captain Lapidus runs into the brig.
“Everything ok in here?” He yells.
“Fine, everything is just fine!” The French captain huffs.

But as soon as he finished speaking, the back of the ship started taking in water and within seconds, there was water everywhere.
Lapidus struggled against the raging water. There is yelling, people sliding off the floor into the water and lights flashing on and off.
Water quickly filled the ship, metallic cracking noises and blurred screaming could be heard. The water filled the ship quickly and under the water could be seen bubbles of air, Lapidus’s face with his eyes squinted, he tries desperately to find a way out. Then a bright white light, filled the inside of the ship and strange muffled noises surrounded him.

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