S2 Ep 2. “Strangeland”.

Scene 1.

A darkened hotel room, all that is visible is a digital alarm clock built into the bed head. The clock read 7.50 and changed to 7.51 then the radio suddenly turned on. The music playing was “Wide Open Road” by The Triffids.
Blankets covering a mess of long black hair are tossed aside. Kate lifts her head to look at the Alarm clock. She moans, tries to work out the button controls, then gives up in a huff.

She pulls aside the blankets, puts her legs to the side of the bed and fixes her hair. She’s wearing bed shorts and a tank-top.

There is a knock at the door.

She turns on a bed-side lamp and smirks a rhetorical smirk.

“Kate? Are you awake” Claire yells out.

“Yeah!” She replies, then mumbles to herself… “I think.”

A few minutes later, outside the door to Kate’s room (number 51), Claire and Charlie are waiting for Kate.

The door opens and a relaxed Kate comes out the door, looking very refreshed.

“We ready?” Claire asks.
“I’m ready when you are.” Kate replies.

Scene 2.
Fred is sitting at a dining table across from Sawyer.
“So, let me get this right…” Sawyer confirms.
“You got me back here today to tell me, you need my help to go half way ‘round the globe, diving into the depths of a Piranha infested Lake, to find some chunks of shiny metal that may or may not exist? Just what in god’s name makes you think I’d be remotely interested in this hair brained scheme?”

Fred looks a Sawyer with a calm and confident stare, then says:
“Because, Mr Ford. What else is there for you here?”
“Geeze Professor, when you put it like that, how could I resist?” He laughs sarcastically.
“Any questions?” Fred asks.
“Two questions chief… What exactly is Wanaku and why is it at the bottom of a Lake?”

Scene 3.
Miles is walking through a jungle, there are palms swaying gently in the warm breeze and there is a silent gentleness about the surroundings. He looks around, looking disoriented.
He walks in different directions, trying to get his bearings, making his way through an opening in the trees, he walks out into a grassed open area.
He stops suddenly and tilts his head. There are whispers.

“Why is he here..?” a voice whispered.
“Just who does he think he is..” another voice replied.
“Doesn’t he know?”

Miles twitches his head a little and looks annoyed.
“I wonder what he’s thinking..” the whispers continued.

Miles looks distressed, he holds his hands up to the side of his head and crouches down on his knees.

Miles grits his teeth, then groans.


Then he wimpers:

“Stop!” the whispers continued…
His head feels like it’s spinning.
“Please stop!”
Then he yells at the top of his voice:

Then suddenly he wakes up in a fright. The bus driver repeated his last words.
“Last stop buddy!” and he looks at the seat that Miles is sitting in.
Miles looks fragile, he squints and gets up slowly, trying to adjust his neck and shoulders.
“Oh god, I feel like hell.” He moans.
The driver just looks at Miles and mutters:
“You look like it mate.”

Scene 4.
Claire and Charlie are sitting on a mini-bus, across the aisle sits Kate and next to her sits the man with the hearing aid.

Claire gives Charlie some colouring pencils and paper, then turns to talk to Kate.
“Y’know I was thinking last night, that you and Jack would have made great parents.” She said.
Kate just turned her head on a tilt and looked at Claire a little strangely.
“Well… it’s true. You guys did a great job with Charlie when I was… well, when I was sick. You know…” she smiled.
“Well, he’s a great kid.” She replied.
Claire looked at Kate, noticing that she looked at the seat in front of her, she was a little uncomfortable.
“You miss him, don’t you?” Claire concluded.
Kate turned to look at Claire in semi-shock.
“Who?” She enquired.
“Oh, come on, who else…? Jack.”
Kate just seemed a little distant, so Claire said:
“Seems like years ago since we’ve been back.”
Kate nodded slowly and sighed.
“Seems like an eternity.” She agreed.
“I wonder what Sawyer’s doing these days?” She asked rhetorically.
Kate just smiled and replied:
“Oh, probably on some wild adventure somewhere!”
“Yeah!” Claire laughed, then her chirpy mood seemed to change suddenly to a sullen reflective mood.
Then Kate looked at Claire and said:
“He really changed when he was on that Island, like he finally found himself. Then he lost someone he loved very much on that Island. He’s a different man since then.”
Then Claire looked at Kate, biting her lower lip, reached out and held Kate’s arm, then she whispered to Kate:
“We all lost someone we loved on that Island.”
And Kate smiled and with her other arm, she reached for her hand and held it for a moment.
A small tear welled up in Kate’s eye. The man with the hearing aid paid them no attention, he looked out upon the horizon to a barren, but beautiful wasteland surrounding the iron ore mine. The landscape looked like something you’d expect to see on Mars.

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