Footnote from Author

Yes, I had to leave you all in a cliff-hanger!

So the questions remain:

What is going to happen at the Blue Sky Mine?
What is going to happen to Sawyer, is he going to Peru with Fred?
Is Rose and Bernard ok? What are they going to do to Cindy and ‘the others’?
What about Desmond and family?
Is Miles really going to travel all those miles? Ok, that’s a bad pun. In Australia, we measure in kilometres. What is Miles purpose of going there?
What about Lapidus, where does he come into the picture?
What does Flavius want? What is his dealings with Djiniyini and Bunga?
Is the aboriginal story teller connected to all this? Is he trying to warn Claire of something?

Season 2 MAY or MAY not have the answers, there’s only one way to find out… I need a break right now, but if you want more, firstly, spread the word. I need more fans. find me on Facebook and let me know what you think of the story.

REMEMBER, spread the word. If you like it, LET ME KNOW, LET EVERYONE KNOW!! Namaste.

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