Episode 17: Extraordinary Voyage : This will be part 1 of a two part season finale!

Episode 17 Part 1:

A few days later…
Scene 1:
Claire, Kate and Aaron are sitting on seats on a mini-bus, they are in row 51. The mini-bus is equipped with oversize, off road tyres and additional off road equipment, it is leaving from Darwin airport, destination Alice Springs. The front door to the bus is open and luggage is till being loaded into the small trailer hooked to the back of the mini-bus.

“I can’t believe we’re almost there!” Claire smiled.
Then a man wearing an official uniform stepped on board and grabbed the microphone. He was a middle aged man, medium build, with short white hair and matching short white beard and moustache.
“Good morning ladies and gents, my name is Edward Malone, I’ll be your bus driver for the first half of our journey and I’ll be taking you into the Alice, first stop will be just on the outskirts of Alice, we’ll be visiting a faith healer by the name of Issac and then we’ll be enjoying a lunch at Arthur’s Eatery. Now whilst seat-belts are not compulsory on buses, you are free to be seriously injured in a crash, or you could use the seatbelts provided, especially those who have youngin’s…” he briefly looks at Claire and Kate, “…and we’ll all get along famously.” He smirks a dry smile, then puts on his drivers hat and then says: “Then tomorrow… well, we have a sayin’ up here in the Northern Territory… the ‘NT’ stands for ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘No Trouble’, ‘No Time’ and ‘No Telling’, because out here, there is no telling what can happen and there’s so sense in worrying ‘bout it” He chuckles.
Kate looks over to Claire and asks:
“No offence, but are all Australians this creepy?”
Claire just smiled and replied:
“Well, we’re just a little bit… different. Especially the ones that have been living in the middle of no-where for so long.”
Claire put Aaron’s seatbelt on, Aaron ignored Claire and Kate’s conversation and kept himself busy with drawing on an etch-a-sketch, the kind that has a magnetic pen attached to it.

Scene 2.
A pawn shop somewhere in the south of North America, a small town with people who seem pretty laid back.

“So what d’ya make of it, doc?” Sawyer asked the man behind the counter.
The man behind the counter was partially balding, had thick glasses and dirty hands.
“Tell me buddy, where did you find this?” He enquired.
Sawyer just smiled and smugly replied, “Well, it must be worth somethin’, or else you wouldn’t be askin’ me tha question now, would you?”
“Tell you what,” the man continued… “I’ll tell you what I think it is, if you tell me why you called me doc?”
“Huh?” Sawyer huffed.
“You just called me Doc… why?” He asked.
Sawyer closed his eyes, then turned his head to the side and said:
“Sorry, old habit. Why, did I offend you?” He snickered.
“No.. no… just that. Well, I used to be a doctor, years ago. Gave it all away to study antiques, precious metals, you know… junk.” He stated.
“Well then, you’re a clever man, what is this?” He asked, holding the coin up in his fingers.
“That, my friend, is a very good question.” He says, as he walks over to grab a large book of coins to put on his counter.
The book hits the counter with a thud and dust puffs up around it.
“Now let’s see…” he turns the pages.
“Hmm… ahmhmmm… mmm.” He mutters.
Saywer mumbles under his breath:
“Spoken like a true doctor.”
The man does not notice his comment, then points to a picture in the book.
“There we are. It is a gold coin from either Minoan or Phoenician origin”
“Well, what the heck does that mean?” Sawyer barks.
“Well sir, if I’m not mistaken, your coin dates back to 2000-1500 BC, it is extremely rare.” The man looks at Sawyer and asks again:
“So… where did you find it?”
Sawyer just looked mesmerised by it and did not comprehend how it was possible.
Then the man continued by saying:
“Sir, if I where you, I’d strongly recommend taking this to a museum and keeping it somewhere very safe.”

Scene 3.
There is a group of people in a camp-site, sitting around a fire. There are cars and vans parked near the campsite and there are boxes that resemble army style crates.
“Well, are we set?” An elder aboriginal man asked.
He looked around the group of people and saw fear in their faces.
“Helen, remember to keep the guards busy for at least 20 minutes.”
Helen, a young local girl nodded in response.
“Julie, you’ve got the vans loaded and fuelled. Don’t forget the night vision glasses.”
“Tim, we’re replying on you to get those keys, you’re ok with this?” He asked.
A closer view reveals that it’s Tim Gilbertson, the son of the Blue Sky Mine’s chief officer.
“Sure, I’m on it.” He replied.
“Bungaree, you got the dynamite?” He asked.
“Yes, enough to close of the two main entrances.”
Another voice from the darkness called out:
“But you know, this is not going to stop them mining, you do realise that.”
And Bunga explained:
“We don’t care if they continue to open mine the iron ore, we just can’t let them dig for it.”
“I don’t get it, I though you wanted to shut them down for good?” The voice continued.
“This is not about the mining and it is not about the mine.” The elder said, then continued,
“This is about stoping the digging. Our ancestors told us this must not happen and it must be stopped and it must happen at the right time. So if anyone, for any reason, can’t make it, doesn’t want to be there, or just simply doesn’t do what we set out to do, then you better say something now, or this whole plan was for nothing.”

Scene 4.
Walt is walking through the jungle, just looking around, feeling comfortable, when he hears voices, nearby.
He walks towards a small lake, deep inside the jungle, there is a flat opening near the lake and there s a group of people, some of which are near the water’s edge, fishing and others have hand woven baskets, some of them look like they have fruit in them.
Walt looks in their direction, then walks towards them.
As he comes closer, the group of people stop what they are doing and look up at Walt.
He looks at the group of people. Standing there are : Cindy with Adam and Vanessa and Zach and Emma (now young adults) and another person who can’t be seen clearly.
“Hello Walter” Cindy greets him. The others just simply look at him, almost dumbstruck.
Walt asked:
“What are you doing here?”
“We’re fishing.” Cindy replied.
Then Adam offered: “Would you like to take some?” We’ve got more than enough for the others at your camp.” He proudly showed Walt a basket full of fish.
“What kind of fish is that?” He enquired.
“We’re not really sure” Cindy replied, “…some sort of blowfish.” She continued.
“Please, take some!” Vanessa supported the offer.
“Hmmm, ok. Thanks!” He smiled.

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