Episode 16: Fugu

Scene 1.

A Harley Davidson motor bike with number plates US-015 prattles along a south eastern US highway.

The motor bike is travelling through some barren ranges, with a few twist and turns. The bike hurtles along the road until the rider sees a nearby river.

The rider slows down, pulls over to the side of the road, he takes his backpack off the back of the bike then walks towards the river.

It is a small, shallow river, but the water is clean and deep enough to bathe in.

The rider can’t resist, he takes his helmet off, you can’t see his face, but his hair is shoulder length and messed up. He runs his hands through his hair then proceeds to take off his boots.

He places his clothes next to his back-pack, wearing nothing but boxer shorts, he steps carefully across the pebbles, towards the water. His upper body is broad and strong.

He wades into the water and dives in. “Whooo!” the voice yelps as his head comes up from the water.

A view of his face reveals that it is Sawyer.

His cheeky grin makes up for a road-worn face. “Darn, that’s cold!” he says to himself.

He does a few very quick swimming strokes, then steps up, out of the water into the shallows.

“Argh!” He suddenly yelps, then continues : “Sonofa…”

He stands on one foot to inspect his other, now sore foot.

He sees nothing wrong with the sore foot, so he looks down to see what it is that he stepped onto.

There is something shiny wedged between two rounded rocks on the bottom of the shallow water.

He reaches down to grab the object. It seems to be stuck, so he pulls one of the rocks to the side, then pulls the object up and inspects it.

He holds it close to his eyes, then wipes off a bit of mud from the object onto his boxers shorts.

“Well I’ll be darned, what have we here?” He rhetorically questions.

“Looks like gold. Feels like gold…” then he takes what looks like a coin and bites it.

“Heck, it even tastes like gold.”

He looks at it closely, then notices that it looks like a very old gold coin. He grins from ear to ear and says :

“Well, looks like today’s my lucky day!” then he kisses the coin, puts it into his backpack front pocket and grabs a towel from inside the bag, wipes himself off and takes a look around.

No one is around and the place is quiet and peaceful.

Scene 2.

Kate is in Claire’s living room, playing a game with Aaron on the floor.

Claire has just come out of the shower and asks: “Hey guys, what are you playing?”

“Mousetrap, mummy” Aaron proudly responds.

Claire just looks at Kate and asks semi-sarcastically:

“Having fun?” She smiled.

“I haven’t played this since I was a kid. I never really understood the point of the game then and strangely enough, I still don’t get it. Yet, it’s still just as much fun!” Kate laughed.

Claire looked at the two of them and smiled.

“Well, he’s not quite ready for Monopoly just yet” Claire said, then re-directed her voice to Aaron and said:

“Aaron, you had better finish up quickly, because it’s getting dark outside.” She instructed.

“Yes, mummy.” He reluctantly agreed.

Kate got up, walked towards Claire and said:

“So, what do you think, are you interested in the outback adventure?”

“Well…” Claire paused.

“ok, I suppose we can come along, why not?” She smiles.

Scene 3.

Rose and Bernard are lying in their man made hut, on beds made from woven vines and items collated from across the island. The living conditions are simple, there are a few pots hanging up, a table made from an oceanic airlines parts.

Bernard tosses and turns, there are crackling noises outside, as if someone is creeping around, breaking twigs as they step through the jungle.

Bernard sits up quickly, with a startled look on his face.

Jin is standing a the entrance to the hut, he is dripping wet.

Bernard steadies himself and asks:


Jin signals to Bernard to shush by putting his finger in front of his lips, then replies:

“bog-eoleul meogji anh-ayo”

Bernard just looked confused and whispered:

“I don’t understand, what are you doing here?”

“Bernard?” Rose stirs.

“Not eat fugu” Jin said in broken English.

“Who are you talking to?” Rose asked.

Bernard looked at Rose, then back at Jin, but he was gone.

Rose sat up and asked Bernard:

“Are you ok?”

“I.. I’m not sure. I suppose I was just… just dreaming.” He looked at Rose, then went back to sleep, holding Rose in his arms.

Scene 4.

Rose is outside the hut, boiling some water over an open fire. Bernard steps out of the hut, looking very tired.

“Morning, sleepy-head” Rose smiled.

“Hmm.” He grunted.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, just a rough night.” Rose passed him a warm cup with liquid in it.

“Thanks love.” He replied, then continued. “Honey, what’s a fugu?” he asked.

Rose looked nonchalantly at the sky and asked, “No idea, why?”

“Huh? Oh, no reason.” He shrugged.

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