Episode 14: South

Scene 1.
Miles is walking inside Sydney airport, he is pulling some luggage behind him in the background, out of his vision, Kate appears to going through customs. He heads towards the doors to the airport and walks outside.
He walks passed a parked car, where a woman impatiently taps her fingers on the dash-board, a different view of the car reveals that the driver of the car is Claire, she is waiting for Kate.
“Come on Kate, where are you?” Claire rhetorically asks.
She turns to look at Aaron, sitting in the back seat in a car booster seat.
“Don’t worry honey, I’m sure she’s not far away.” She assures Aaron.
“She’s comes a long way, mummy!” He smartly reminds her.
Claire smiles.
“Yes, yes she does.” She responds.
She looks ahead of her at a row of Taxis, she sees someone who looks familiar hop into the back of a taxi, and she moves her head to take a better look, but she is distracted.
“There she is, there she is!” Aaron yells.
Claire looks across the road and sees Kate pulling her luggage.
Claire smiles, winds down the window, waves at Kate and beeps her horn twice.

Claire smiles, then looks back to take a look at the person getting into the taxi, but the taxi drives away. She looks back to Kate, who is now coming up to the car window.
“Hello Claire!” she beams.
“Hey Kate.” Claire greets her.
“Aunty Kate! Aunty Kate! I’ve got lots of presents for my birthday and .. and…” Aaron stumbles on his words.

“Aaron, let Aunty Kate get into the car and then you can tell her all about it.” She says.
Claire pops the boot of her car and Kate goes to put her luggage into the back.

Scene 2

Miles is in the back seat of a Taxi, the driver is of middle eastern appearance and asks “So, you in Sydney for business?”
“No.” Miles says displeasingly.
“Holiday?” He concludes.
“Nope.” He sighs.
“So, what…?” the taxi driver asks, looking a little lost.
“Looks like I’m chasing ghosts again.” Miles concludes.
“Ghosts?!” The taxi driver laughs.
“No ghosts here my friend and if there was, I’m sure the government would find a way to tax them!” He smiles and lifts his hands up in resignment.
“362 Mullhollen Drive, this is it just here.” He pulls the taxi over.
Miles leans over to pay the driver using a credit card. He turns it over to show the driver his signature and the verification code shows 171.
Miles gets out of the taxi, the tax driver pulls the boot lever and the boot opens. He removes his pull along bag and the taxi pulls away, revealing it’s licence number to be T180.
He walks up to the front door and the number of the door shows the number 6, with a faint outline of where the 3 and 2 where.

Miles knocks on the doorbell and waits nervously.
Richard Maulkin opens the door.
“Yes, can I help you?” He asks.
Miles asks:
“Ah, yes, is Charlotte at home?”
Richard looked a little agitated.
“Look, I thought I’d told you people…” he stopped to see Charlotte behind him.
“It’s ok dad! I’ll talk to him.” Charlotte assured him.
Richard just shook his head and huffed:
“I’ve got nothing more to say! The truth is out now and that’s that!” He yelped, then turned and walked away.
Charlotte just looked at Miles and smiled.
“You people?”Miles asked Charlotte.
“Reporters.” She replied.
“Umm, if this is not a good time…” Miles said.
“Don’t worry, I know why you’re here.” Charlotte said assuredly.
“Sorry, I’m not with you” he replied quizzically.
“You must be exhausted from your long flight, come on in, I’ll explain everything.”
Miles just looked sheepishly at her, turned his head to the side a little, then followed her inside.

Scene 3.
Claires home.

Claire is putting a kettle on and asks Kate:
Kate puts hands on her sides and replies.
“Hmmm, no thanks, I think I’d prefer to go to sleep rather than stay awake.”
Claire smiles at Kate
“It’s so good to see you again.” Claire concludes.
“Thanks” Kate smiles.
“Kate, I’m worried. You seem a little lost.” Claire says.
“Me, I’m just tired.” Kate said.
“That’s not what I mean. I mean, I loved seeing you hear again, but you just seem so… well alone.” Claire said sadly.
Kate did not reply, she just looked a little uncomfortable, her eyes looked away.
Claire looked for meaning and said assuringly.
“You know, when Charlie died, it really felt empty. Part of me died too. It felt like I was living in a dark cloud.”
Kate did not reply, she just stared at Claire coldly, she had almost forgotten about Charlie, she had almost forgotten about all those horrible things that happened on the Island.
Claire continued:
“In fact, if it wasn’t for all the people we made friends with on the Island, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and of course, you,… I… well, who knows what would have happened!” She laughed.
Kate rubbed her arms as if she was cold.
Claire’s eyes looked shyly skyward, then she continued.
“Oh, I’m sorry, listen to me blab on and on. You must be tired. I’ll get your bed ready!”

Scene 4
Blue Sky mine, Central Australia.
Mr Gilbertson sits in his office, he reaches into his desk drawer, pulls out a bottle of MacCutheon whiskey and pours a small shot into a clean glass.

A voice comes through the intercom:
“Sir, I have a gentleman on the phone who wishes to discuss becoming a major shareholder.” Janelle said with dubious inflection.

“What the…. Who is this joker? Does he have no knowledge of protocol?” Mr Gilbertson yells.

“Sir, his name is Josephus, he sounds French.” Janelle continues.

“I could not care is he calls himself god! Bloody hell, what other madness can happen in one week?” He asks rhetorically, then continues…
“… send him an application to purchase shares. Make sure he’s aware that there is only one major shareholder in this venture and that’s ME!”

He grabs the glass and holds it on an angle, looking at the brown liquid.
“Well, my Scottish friend, looks like you’re my only saviour this time!” He chuckles to himself then skulls the contents in one sip.

Scene 5.
Penny is standing on the bow of the Elizabeth, smiling and looking very pleased.
“It’s beautiful! Des, come up here and take a look!” Penny calls out to Demon, who is below. Charlie is taking down sails and tying up rigging.

“Eye” Desmond says, hugging her from behind. “Welcome to Sydney harbour!”

They look around at the blue water, the blue skies, the boats, the birds and everything looks postcard picture perfect.

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5 Responses to Episode 14: South

  1. Jason Doucette says:

    Peter, I’ve always admired your vision for the future of LOST! I would love to work with you on refining your text to make it presentable to the ‘powers-that-be’. You & I both see our series as having a continuation. With your youth, and my old-school ways (and as your ‘editor’, I can insure the accuracy of your words), I think ‘we’ could produce something that could see celluloid… Whattaya think? Btw… Love where you’re going with all of this!

    • peterwindle says:

      Peter, I’ve always admired your vision for the future of LOST! I would love to work with you on refining your text to make it presentable to the ‘powers-that-be’.

      >> You have someone in mind??

      You & I both see our series as having a continuation.

      >> You have something similar? I’d love to take a look, if you have a link, please let me know

      With your youth, and my old-school ways (and as your ‘editor’,

      >> umm, I’m not so young, the writing maybe a little immature, but I’m not!

      I can insure the accuracy of your words), I think ‘we’ could produce something that could see celluloid… Whattaya think? Btw… Love where you’re going with all of this!

      >> I’m open to suggestions, I have a lot of great ideas, I can visualise it all panning out…but I don’t have much time or patience to ‘pad things out’. email me peter.windle@mac.com

      • Jason Doucette says:

        Got you, Peter! Writing is an exercise in frustration. Your work IS an inspiration to all the Losties out here. We just need to take your ideas and make them palatable to those who can turn them into ‘LOST 2: The Next Generation’… We’ll get ‘er done… and we’ll be in touch. And yes, I’ve got some contacts. But it will be a process of producing a teaser, a premise, a treatment, a 3-act story arc, etc (Hollywood/J.J. Is looking at all-comers, after all)… In the meantime, Peter… Do Not Stop Writing. LOST is the first-ever fan-influenced series ever created… and I’m sure that we ‘fans’ will have an influence upon getting Series 2 started. And you, Peter Windle, is the only one I know of who is continuing the ‘story’ from a fan’s persective! Keep it going…

  2. Hannah Dolan says:

    Love this!!!!!

  3. Noemi says:

    Just found your blog and finished reading and love it, please keep writing I know that I am not the only one out there hoping for a continuation in the future heck it has been a year and 7 months and they are still mentioning “LOST,” on TV… looking forward to more, best of luck to you!

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