Episode 13: Going back to go forward.

Episode 13:
Going back to go forward.

Scene 1.
Overlooking a mining site with a sign reading “Blue Sky Mining”. There is a site office, which is located in the centre overlooking a valley. There are mining entries into many surrounding mountains.
Interior view of the site office reveals a man in his late 50’s, wearing a suit, sitting behind a large wooden desk with a laptop, a phone and a few plans laid out on top of the desk.
“Mr Gilbertson” a voice on the phone prompted.
“Yes, Janelle” the man in the suit replied.
“Sir, we have a situation at the new site.” Janelle replied.
“What kind of a situation?” he enquired.
“Security has captured a protestor on the grounds.” She stated.
“Right, so why don’t they let the authorities deal with this person?” He prompted.
“Sir, I think it would be best if you deal with this person yourself.” She sheepishly replied.
“Why on earth would I want to deal with some ‘protestor’?” He snickered.
“Well, sir, ahm, because he, well sir, it’s your son.” She answered.
“Tell them to bring him to me at once” He frowned.
“Yes, sir.” She confirmed.
“Dammed kids” he muffled to himself.

Scene 2.
Kate is at the airport, lining up at the Oceanic express check-in.
She has a melancholy look on her face. A young aboriginal man standing behind her notices her sad looking face and asks:

“Your first trip to Australia?”
Kate looks a little rattled, but then smiles and says:
“No, I’ve been a few times now.”
“Cool.” He smiled and then asked: “You got family there?”
“Ah, no, just friends.” She replied, then asked, “are you going home then?”
“Yeah.” The young man said, then continued, “home at last.”
Then after an awquard silence, he asked:
“Have you ever been to the never-never?”
“Pardon?” she asked.
“The sticks? The bush? You know, the out-back?” He clarified.
“No, but it’s funny you should ask, I’ve been thinking about going on one of those ‘outback adventures’” She smiled.
“Really” He laughed.
“Why is that funny?” She enquired.
“Well, maybe you can come visit us?” he offered.
“What, you live there?” she asked.
“Nah, I live in the big smoke. But I do own a luxury hotel near Ularu!” He smiled.
“Wow.” She said, genuinely impressed.
“Well, do don’t think they’d let just anyone through the express check-in, would you?” he laughed.
“I, well, I don’t even think about it anymore. They gave me a gold pass.” She replied.
“They? What’s your game then?” he enquired.
She laughed and asked: “What, you don’t know me?”
“Sorry love, you’ve lost me?” he replied.
“I’m one of the Oceanic Hero’s, you know, we where on TV?” she said.
“I’m sorry, I’ve been on the road a lot, what’s an Oceanic Hero?” he asked.
“Hmph.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really know.” She sighed.
“Well, I’m sure it means something.” He assured her.
She looked a little un-easy so he said to her:
“Well, I tell you what. Here’s my card. Call me if you’re in the neighbourhood, I’d shout you a night at one of my hotels.” He offered.
“Are you serious?” She beamed.
“Sure, what else would a hero deserve?” He smiled.
Kate smirked bashfully and said:
“Bungaree” he said, offering a hand shake, then he said “… but my mates call me Bunga!”
“Ok, well, thanks ‘Bunga’, I might just take up that offer. Looks like I was lucky to bump into you.”
“Perhaps it was coincidence, or perhaps it was fate” he smiled.
Kate took no notice of the comment, she just looked at the gate, which had number 51 on top of the door. There was an Oceanic employee opening the door.
“Well… that’s us.” She pointed.
“Sure is!” he replied and they moved towards the door.

Scene 3.
Mr Gilbertson’s office, Blue Sky Mine.
Mr Gilberton is standing behind his desk, arms outstretched so that his palms are resting on the desk. On the other side of the desk, his son, a tall, slender young man of about 17 stands with his hands by his side, waiting for a confrontation.
“What in blazers is your problem, Tim?” Mr Gilbertson asks.
“Dad, I told you how I feel about the new site!” Tim yelled.
“You told me some mumbo-jumbo about how the locals feel about it.” His father snickered.
“Dad, you know the land is sacred!” Tim cried.
“What I know, is that the land has been authorised to mine. What I know is that you illegally gain entry to the site. What I know is that you are nothing but trouble!”
Tim did not respond. His face was defiant.
“Right then. Get yourself back home, I’ll deal with you later.” Mr Gilbertson looked down at the desk. Tim did not move, then he looked up at his son and said:
“Run along then!”
Tim just shook his head in disbelief and walked out.

Scene 4.
On board flight Oceanic 171, Kate sits in her seat, grabs a catalogue and looks around. Bunga sits a few seats in front of her, on the other side of the plane. He turns around and gives Kate a nod. She responds with a courteous smile.
A walk through view of the plane’s interior, show passengers placing luggage in the overhead compartments and taking their seats. An all-too-familiar sight for Kate. Row upon row of strangers flying to a destination far from where they are, there is a view of the top of someone’s head complete with headphones the person is anxiously changing channels to finally locate the music they can enjoy. The song playing is ‘Down among the dead men’ by Flash and the Pan. A closer view of the head, now bopping to the music reveals that it is Miles.

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