Episode 12: Pathways.

Episode 12:

Scene 1:
The Island:
Rose and Bernard are sitting inside a man-made hut eating fruit and fish.
Bernard says: “Well… I have to admit, this lifestyle certainly agrees with us. I feel great and you… you’ve never looked better.”
Rose rolls her eyes and smiles.
“Ha. You know, the older you get, the sillier you get.” She smiles, then continues, “well, I do admit, life is pretty good, especially now that there is no one trying to kill each other just to get some sort of ‘secret power’ from this place.”
Then Bernard, suddenly serious says: “That’s what I’m afraid of.” He pauses.
“Pardon?” asks Rose.
“All good things must come to an end”. Bernard explains.
“Bernard, what’s on your mind?” She asks.
“Rose, no one can live forever.” Bernard states, then continued… “and I can’t bear the thought of living without you.” He sighed.
“Bernard, I…” she huffed.
“Rose, let me continue…” he interrupted.
“and I don’t want to leave you alone.” He concluded.
Rose replied: “Bernard, there’s nothing you can do about it, what happens, happens.”
“Rose, if I go before you, will you live with them?” Bernard asked.
Rose simply replied:
“Honey, I’ll be just fine on my own.” She assured him.
“Yes, I know, but they’re good people and you could do with the company.” Bernard replied.
“Well, Hurley’s nice and Walt’s a good kid, but Ben, well, Ben is… well… Ben.”
“I know, but please, Rose, just think about it, if, well, when… the time comes.”

Scene 2: Within the old Dharma barracks.
Hugo is sitting at a desk surrounded by Dharma books and science books and books about ancient Egypt.
Ben is standing near a bookshelf with an open book in his hands, book marking pages with Santa Rosa bookmarks.
Hugo says:
“Dood, I’ve spent years reading these crazy books and I still don’t understand.”
Ben just looks up over the rim of his glasses and states:
“Well, Hugo, perhaps you understand them better than you think.”
“Huh?” Hugo replies.
“You know that people would kill for this sort of knowledge, people have been looking for these answers for thousands of years.”
“Yyyeah. I do know…” Hugo reflected.
“And what do you want from being here?” Ben asked.
“I … just want them to… just… stop.” Hugo stated.
Then Ben looks into empty space and smiles.
“Hugo, that’s why you do understand.”
There’s a knock at the door.
Hugo smiled and said: “That will be him.”
Ben called out: “Walter, whilst we appreciate your polite knocking before entering, feel free to come in whenever you like, after all, this is your home.”

Walt, now a mature young man, enters the room, slowly followed by Lapidus.
Lapidus looks at Hugo and then looks around, raises one eye-brow at the sight of Ben and then sarcastically says:

Scene 3.

A yacht sailing across the ocean, a closer view reveals Desmond cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast.
“Charlie, how’s that assignment coming on?” Desmond yells down below.
Charlie, now a young man, with blonde, short curly hair, comes up from below with a book in his hands.
“I don’t understand why they give us these silly Geography assignments, these places seem so far away.” He looked up to his sun-tanned dad, now plating up breakfast.
“What you studying then?” Desmond asked.
“Australia” Charlie says.
“Australia!” Desmond laughs, then continues, “huh, it no’ that far away, son. We’re only 3 days from there.”
“Really!” Charlie exclaims.
“eiy” Desmond assures.
A sleepy looking Penny comes up from below and asks:
“What are you two up to?” Penny investigates.
“Can we go to Australia? Can we?” Charlie pleads.
“Good morning, Charlie.” She smiles.
“Morning Mum.” He sheepishly replies.
Desmond looks at Penny and smiles.
“Well…” Penny thinks out loud, then continues, “…if it helps with your study.”
“Cool!” Charlie yelps.
“Let’s eat!” Desmond smiles, then sits down with Charlie and Penny.

Scene 4.

Miles is sitting at a desk with an iMac and he is Google-ing information about Charlotte Malkin. He is reading and article about how her coming back to life from ‘death’ during autopsy.
Miles finds and address and writes it down. 362 Mullhollen Drive, Hillsdale, Sydney NSW.
Then he mumbles to himself “How the hell am I going to get to Australia.

Scene 5.
Ben looks at Lapidus and asks:
“So, Walt has briefed you?”
Lapidus paces the floor in front of the desk where Hugo is sitting.
“So, let me get this right. You want me to travel half way across the globe on some sort of magical mystery tour, just to be there for reasons you can’t really explain?” He questioned.
“In case of what?” He asked, then followed with another question: “What exactly is it that you guys are up to?”

Ben looked at Hugo and then Hugo said confidently:
“Let’s just say, we’re gatekeepers.”
“Gate? To where?” Lapidus enquired.
“Well…” Hugo explained, “…let’s just say that there are places, that are beyond what you would call ‘physical’ and that the only thing standing between the physical and non-physical are places like this one, right Ben.”
“I could not have said it better, Hugo.” Ben replied.
“Wait, you said “places” like this one?” Lapidus asked.
Then Ben interjected and said coldly:
“Well, you didn’t think this was the only place like this, did you?”
Lapidus replied:
“Up until about 30 minutes ago, this was the last place I wanted to think about. Now you’re telling me there’s more places like this and you want me to go to another one?”
“Another five to be exact.” Ben clarified.
“Wha..? Wait, why me? Again?” He enquired.
Ben replied: “Because you’re the best at what you do.”
“And what exactly is that?” Lapidus equired.
Hugo replied:
“You’re the best at finding places that could not normally be found.” Hugo smiled.
Then Walt, sitting in a chair in a dark corner quietly reminded him:
“You found this place… twice.”
Then he looked at Lapidus and Lapidus, looking defeated said:
“It seems to me that I don’t really have a choice, do I?”
Walter philosophically replied:
“Everyone has a choice, everyone has free will. It’s just that some of us are given paths in which to travel. The question is, will you take this path?” He asked.

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