Episode 10: Terra Firma

Lapidus opens his eyes to find that he was still surrounded with water.

He panics and struggles to swim up to light and what looks like the surface.
Reaching the surface, his eyes squint as he looks around in a daze.
He lets out a groan as if his lungs are exhausted.
The water is calm, there is sunlight gleaming through trees.
He clears his eyes and coughs a little.
Between his squinted eyes he can make out what looks like rocks. He swims towards them and reaches shallow water.
He stands up, looks around, stumbles to his feet, he looks around to see he is shin-deep in a clam river. He sees a body floating face down in the shallow water, then without hesitation, he stumbles over the rocks, moving quickly over to where the body is floating.
There is a body face down in the shallows, he reaches down and turns the body face up. The body is that of Sam’s. Lapidus turns him over, he feels for a pulse, he can see where a few ribs cracked through Sam’s shirt then he stopped checking Sam’s vitals.
Lapidus wipes his own mouth and forehead with the back of his hand and says rhetorically:
“Well, I hope you found your peace, Sam I am.”
Then a soft, female, voice whispers clearly.
“Love you madly, Sam.”
Lapidus suddenly drops the body back into the river, and looks around for the source of the voice.
He can see vines, sunlight through familiar trees and an even more familiar tropical jungle. Then he sarcastically snarls:
“Oh, great!”

Scene 2:
The body of the French Coast Guard captain is washed up on a beach.
His face is pasted with sand and his hair and clothes are wet.
Waves lap gently against his legs, he is missing one shoe and corresponding sock.
His fingers twitch.
He moves his arm slowly.
He turned himself over to his back and opens his eyes. His face is water logged and his eyes are puffy, he blinks a few times, then slowly gets to his feet.
He looks around the beach, looking very lost.
“Où suis-je” he says to himself.
Then, he looks around in circles, he grabs something from his pants pocket, his confusion changes rapidly to excitement.
He laughs histerically, then pushes some buttons on a GPS Phone.
An automatic GPS emergency beacon signals to another location.
He walks towards inland with a grin on his face and he sets out exploring through the trees.

Scene 3:
Kate is walking near at airport at night, she is cold and wraps her arms around herself.
She hears a familiar voice calling “Kate!”
She looks confused, she looks around everywhere and does not see anyone.
Then at last she sees a figure in the darkness.
“Jack?” she questions.
“You have to go back, Kate” his voice said.
“Back? Back where?” Kate asked.
“Australia, Kate. Aaron… It’s too soon, he’s too young!” Jack yelled.
“uuuaaah” Kate gasped, then sat blot up-right in her bed, her heart pounding, her eyes bulging. A tear ran down her face.
She held her head in her shaking hands, it has been many years since she as thought of Jack. Memories flooded her heart, confusion entered her mind.

Scene 4:
Claire is in her living room, there are decorations, balloons, party hats, a birthday cake with the number 6 on it, streamers and presents.
She looks out to the front yard to see Aaron playing in the yard with some friends.
She’s proud of him. He’s grown up quickly. He’s had to.
Her iMac makes a strange alert ringing tone. There is an incoming Skype call.
Claire runs over to the screen, moves the mouse and clicks on the on¬-screen accept button.
“Hey there Aunty Kate!” she smiles.
“Hello Claire!” she smiles and waves, then she asks:
“Where’s the birthday boy?”
“He’s out playing. I’ll just go get him…” Claire said.
“Wait…” Kate stopped Claire. “ how are you? How’s Aaron?”
“Fine, we’re just fine… we’re heading off on holidays soon, we’re heading to the Northern Territory for an ‘outback adventure’.” She smiled.
“Claire.” She interrupted. “I… I’ve been thinking about coming back.” She stated.
“Really? Sure… you know you’re always welcome… when? Kate, is everything ok?” she quizzed.
“Sure, I just want to, visit. You know, to see you guys again.” She said.
“Right, ok then, sounds great, we’ll chat later, I’ll grab Aaron for you, I need to get lunch ready!” Claire hurried.
“Ok” Kate smiled. Somehow, the thought of seeing Aaron both put her mind at ease, yet left her un-easy.

Scene 5:
Miles is walking down a suburban street when his mobile phone rings.
The Ghostbusters theme song is his ringtone.
“This is Miles” he answers.
“Yes” he replies.
“Wait, who told you that?”
“Well, yes, I would be interested.” He says un-easily.
“Yes” he says reluctantly.
“Wait, let me write that down…”
“Right, ok…” he writes down the details on pen and paper.
“ok… a-ha. Ok, I’ll be there on Tuesday, ok thank you, bye.” He put the phone back into his pocket, with a look of distain.
He shook his head a little then said to himself, “oh boy”.

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One Response to Episode 10: Terra Firma

  1. Hannah Dolan says:

    i love this sssooo much. 😀
    great job!! can’t wait for more!!

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