Lost Season 7, Episode 9 “searching”

Last episode quick re-cap. A few days after leaving the Island, Ben and Hugo are talking to Eloise, she has a displeased look on her face.
Eloise : “Let’s get down to business, shall we.” She said coldly.

Scene 1:
Eloise sits at a desk with some books, a desk lamp, a computer terminal, a clock and other odds and ends on her desk. Behind her on the walls are monitors, indicator lights and what looks like a series of photos with dates at the bottom of them.

Ben looks around at what looks like a mess, then he looks at Eloise and says sarcastically:
“Looks like someone hasn’t had their coffee yet.”
Eloise replies sharply:
“Ben, it would be wise to keep your opinions to yourself.”
Hugo starts to gets a little agitated.
“Look, I just want to know if the Island is going to be ok?”
Eloise smiles, Hugo’s innocence pleases her.

She replies:
“The Island will be stable, as long as there is some good on the Island to maintain the balance…”
Hugo takes a minute to soak in what she has said, then replies:
“Rose and Bernard!”
“Precisely” She assured him. “The island has been through a severe balance shift, it will settle down, as long as no-one tries to abuse it’s power again.” She pauses, then continued. “Unfortunately, this won’t stop others from trying to find the Island and use it for their own selfish desires.”
Hugo interrupted with the burning question:
“Wh..? What exactly is the Island?”
She looks at Ben quizzically.
“Don’t look at me, I don’t know any more than you do.” He stated.
“Here.” She says with confidence, then goes to a bookshelf and picks up some folders, some with Dharma logos on them and others that are thick books with no obvious labels on them.
“Read these. You’ll need to learn these, so you can teach.” She said.
Ben interjected:
“So soon?”
“Oh come on, Ben. We all know he needs to be the next man in charge.” Then she stopped and looked at Hugo, then back at Ben, then asked: “You mean to say, you haven’t told him yet?”
Ben looks a little sheepish, then replies:
“I just haven’t gotten around to it.”
Hugo looks at them both and says:
“Who are we talking about..?
“It’s Walter, Hugo. The Island needs him, he will be taking over from you. The only thing is, I have no idea how we’re going to get him back to the Island, since there appears to be no pendulum.” Ben huffed.

Eloise replies:
“There is no need for such a device.” She assures Ben, then walks over to a door with a digital console security device on the wall. She pushes some numbers into the device, then opens the door and says:
“We have a far more efficient way of finding the Island now.”
She opens the door to a room filled with rack-mounted computers, each linked to each other with fiber optic cables. In front of these racks is a single computer terminal with a global map and lines all through it.

Scene 2:
Hugo walks into the computer room that Eloise has revealed.
“What are all these computers for?” He asks.
Eloise replies:
“They are all processing one very complicated equation which determines the future path of all mankind.”
“Equation?” Hugo questions.
“The Valenzetti equation. It determines the destination of every person’s soul. The map that will determine how you get back to the Island.” She replies.
Hugo replies:
“Errr… I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but, if we can find the Island, then other people can find it, right?”
“There is already someone else looking for it now.” She says coldly.
“Then how are we going to make sure no-one else gets there?” Hugo asked.
“I think you better ask Ben that question.” She snickers.
“Oh- oh” Hugo replies, then says: “Not again.”
“Yes, Hugo, again. But this time, you’re going to have to do something a little different.”
Ben and Hugo looked at eachother, then Eloise continued.
“There people out there, some… dubious people out there, looking for the Island. So, we’re going to give them an Island.”

Scene 3:
**** 6 months later: ****

Night time, sheets of rain are pouring down. A coast guard ship, with helicopter on board is crashing through heavy waves in the Pacific Ocean. Inside the ship is a dining area. Lapidus is sitting eating what looks like mush. He looks very disgruntled and bored. Then a young Australian man sits next to him. The ship is swaying side to side.
“Captain.” He says.
Lapidus looks up at him and asks:
“Do I know you?”
“I am Sam.” He states, then quietly sits next to him.
“So, tell me Sam I am, what’s your take on all this treasure hunting?” Lapidus asked.
Sam replies:
“I am not looking for treasure.” He states.
Lapidus looks at him with stealy eyes, then asks:
“Then what are you looking for?”
“Answers. Peace. Closure.” He sighs.
Lapidus looks around, then asks:
“Then what are you doing with this crazy mob?”
“Ha! Me, I’m just here for the ride mate.” Sam smiled.
“Well, Sam, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Lapidus said extending a hand, then continued, “You’re not eating?”
“Nope. They don’t serve any green eggs and ham on this boat.” He grinned.

Scene 4:

A fairly solid man holds the wheel of the Coast Guard ship. He has black hair, thinning at the front and pony-tailed at the back. He is struggling with the wheel and checking instruments. He yells at his ship-mates:
“What in the hell is going on?” He yelled in a slightly French accent.
A second man comes through a side door, holding on tight, fighting against the ships violent movements.
“What are you doing you stupid..” He stammered.
“I don’t understand, the bearing is true?” An American man answered.
“Then why are we going in the wrong direction? Look! Look at the compass!”
“But sir!?” the American replied.
Then, suddenly from out on deck, a voice yelled:
“Whirlpool! Whirlpool port side!”
“Merde!” The French captain of the ship turns the wheel quickly, then turns the engine power to full.
The engine replies with a metallic grinding noise. It stammers and stops.
“What now!?” The American asks.
The ship starts to pull backwards, then turns sideways in towards the whirlpool.
Captain Lapidus runs into the brig.
“Everything ok in here?” He yells.
“Fine, everything is just fine!” The French captain huffs.

But as soon as he finished speaking, the back of the ship started taking in water and within seconds, there was water everywhere.
Lapidus struggled against the raging water. There is yelling, people sliding off the floor into the water and lights flashing on and off.
Water quickly filled the ship, metallic cracking noises and blurred screaming could be heard. The water filled the ship quickly and under the water could be seen bubbles of air, Lapidus’s face with his eyes squinted, he tries desperately to find a way out. Then a bright white light, filled the inside of the ship and strange muffled noises surrounded him.

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