Lost Season 7, Episode 8 “Lost Time”

LOST time.

Scene 1:
A cobblestone laneway, leading up to a monk’s monastery. The monastery is an old building overlooking what appears to be an old Spanish town.
An elderly man with short grey hair, grey beard and dark eyes, walks up the laneway, holding a walking stick in one hand and a carry bag in the other, he then turns into a smaller footpath leading up to the monastery.
He opens a gate and enters the monastery grounds. There is a younger monk who notices the old man and holds his hands together in a prayer fashion to greet him.
He walks into the building, walks down a corridor, lined with crucifixes and hanging oil lamps. He opens an old wooden door and enters.

He stops suddenly and looks up to see a familiar face.

“Beunos Dias, Richardo!” Hugo greeted him with a smile.
The old man looks up and is visibly annoyed.
“What are you doing here? How did you find me?” His voice trembled.
“Dood, relax. No one knows you’re here except me. Oh, and Ben…. but that doesn’t matter.” Hugo said aquardly.
“I came here to get away from everyone! So why did you come here Hugo?” Richard asked.
Richard was annoyed at Hugo’s presence and preceded to sit at his desk, he put his carry bag under the desk and his walking stick on top of the desk. He begins to shuffling through his drawers.
He opened a drawer, pretending to ignore Hugo.
Hugo looked at him strangely, just nervously moves from side to side.

Richard looked into the drawer. Inside is a rusty compass and a spent bullet, bent flat as if it had hit something. He removes a book from the drawer, titled “El Retrato De Dorian Gray”, from the table-top, up to a bookshelf.

“Richard, it’s ahmm, time to go.” Hugo stammered.
“Go? Go where?” Richard asked.
“It’s time to move on.” Hugo said, then continued “you know, kinda ‘pass on”.
“What are you talking about!” Richard yelled.
“Dood, you’re like, gonna, like die… sorry.” Hugo said sadly.
“Is it true? Are you serious?” Richard pleaded.
“Yup, I’m afraid so.” Hugo sighed.
“Oh god!” Richard exclaimed.
Hugo looked visibly distressed.
“Oh god! I’m so happy!” Richard cried.
“Ah, what?” Hugo gasped, visibly relieved.
“Hugo, do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this moment?” Richard giggled, then paused for a breath. “…wow! Hugo, that’s just wonderful.” Then Richard hugs Hugo and Hugo smiles, then puts his arm around Richard and says happily. “Come on Richard, she’s waiting for you.”
Richard looks around the room, a few tears comes out of his eyes, then the walk out the door with Hugo.
A few moments later, the younger priest walks down the corridor and notices the door to Richard’s room is opened. He knocks on the door.
“Dom Alpert?” he asks. There is no response.
“Hello?” he says in English. He pushes the door open and sees Richard’s dead body slumped over his desk. In one hand, he holds a rusted old compass, in the other, an Old Testament opened to show Kings 27:21.

Scene 2.

4 months earlier.

Ben is getting out from LA airport, he walks along a busy area, where many people are getting off flights and are walking out the front door. Ben pulls his luggage (labeled with Oceanic tags with GUM and LAX labels on them.
Ben walks towards the exit, he looks around, then stops and smiles. Hugo is standing there waiting for Ben.
Ben approaches Hugo then says:
“Thanks for picking me up Hugo.”
“How was the flight?” Hugo asked.
“Productive.” Ben replied.
They both exit the airport, then hop into a Taxi.
They are both sitting in the back of the taxi then Ben hands Hugo a passport.
Hugo opens the passport that has his photo on it and read the name out loud “Vasco de Balboa” ? He screwed up his face.
“oh… and Hugo, I suggest keeping a low profile” Ben instructed, then continued, “…you’re supposed to be dead.”

Scene 3.
The Taxi pulls up outside a large warehouse, somewhere on the outskirts of LA.

“Was is this place?” Hugo asked.
“It used to be a Dharma storeroom.” Ben said.
“So, what now?” Hugo questioned.
“Now, we get some transport, then go and visit an old friend.” Ben said.

Ben opens a roller-shutter door to reveal hundreds of boxes, equipment, cars and food supplies.

“Woowh” Hugo gasped.
They both walk over to an area where there are cars and vans. Ben spots an old combi-van and says:
“Another fine example of something good to come out of something bad.” Ben mumbled.
“What do you mean?” Hugo asked.
“Volkswagen” Ben replied, then continued. “Volkswagen was originally a car company commissioned by Hitler.”
“Oh, I see” said Hugo with a sad look on his face.
“Yes, this will do nicely.” Ben assured Hugo.
“This van has a Dharma logo on it, won’t people be a little curious?” Hugo enquired.
“Strangely enough, no. This is LA Hugo, no one notices anything around here. Some people don’t even notice when the sky is blue.” Ben metaphorised.
Hugo looked strangely up and the sky and squinted. The light seemed so much different than on the Island.
Ben stepped up to the drivers seat and Hugo went around to the passenger seat. They slammed the doors then drove off.

Scene 4

A Dharma combi-van pulls up outside a church.

“Is that what I think it is?” Hugo looked outside the combi-van window.
“That depends, what do you think it is?” Ben asked.
“It’s a church, right?” Hugo looked puzzled.
“Well, yes, it’s would appear that way.” Ben replied.
Ben jumped out of the combi-van and Hugo followed.

Scene 5
Inside the church, there are religious paintings on the walls, along with candles burning. Ben lifts up a curtain hanging on the wall to reveal a metal lever to open what looks like a door to 1950’s sub-marine. He pulls the lever down and opens the door.
They descend a metal spiral stairwell that leads into an underground chamber.
Inside is a large pendulum and on the walls are military pictures, numbers and a chalkboard with equations on it.
Ben looks at the pendulum with a look of shock.
Eloise comes out of a room at the far end.
“It’s stopped! Why is it stopped?” Ben promptly asked.
“Nice to see you too, Ben.” Eloise points out the formalities.
Ben looks dumbfounded.
“Don’t worry Ben, we’ve just simply ‘upgraded’.” She assured him.
She approaches Hugo and formally introduces herself: “Hugo, I’m Eloise.”
“Err, hi. What exactly is this place?” He asks.
“We call it the Lamppost. It’s how we find the Island…. that is what you want to do isn’t it?”
“Are there any Lions in here as well?” Hugo said sarcastically.
Ben looked at Hugo and quietly mumbled:
“No, only witches.”
Eloise looked at Ben with hatred in her eyes.
“Let’s get down to business, shall we.” She said coldly.

Scene 6.

Richard, Miles, Lapidus and Sawyer are all standing in a lounge area in a foyer of a hotel. Kate, and Claire walk up to them and they all look refreshed, but tired.
Sawyers pulls Kate aside and asks:
“How’s she doin’?”
Kate replies:
“She’ll be fine. I’m going with her.”
“Going? Going where?” he asks.
“To Australia. She’ll need help with Aaron… at least for a little while.”
Sawyer looked disappointed, but accepting.
“Are you going to see Clementine?” Kate asked.
Sawyer initially looked angry, then he took a minute to compose himself and said: “Somehow, I don’t think I’d be welcomed with open arms.”
“Everyone deserves a second chance.” She assured him with a smile.
“Well, I suppose this is goodbye.” Sawyer said, looking sad.
Kate gave him a big hug and Sawyers eyes watered.
Kate wiped her cheeks then went over to where Lapidus and Miles where standing.
“So, what now?” Miles asked.
“I’m going to Australia, with Claire.” She replied.
“Down under, ay?” Miles said jokingly, with a very bad Aussie accent.
“And you?” She asked.
“I suppose I’ll go back to doing what I do, you know… this and that.”
Then Kate looked over to Lapidus, expecting the same answer.
He just smiled and looked a little sheepish.
“One thing for sure, I don’t intend to be flying anywhere anytime soon.” They both smiled.
Miles walked over to Richard and pointed out his appearance:
“Looks like you’ve got a few more greys there, Richard.” He commented.
“Yeah, well, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.” He joked.
Then Kate came over to Richard and asked:
“So, what are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know, I just want to go somewhere quiet and get as far away from everyone as possible.”
Then Richard asked Kate:
“You’re taking Claire to Australia?”
“Yes. She really needs to make up for lost time.”
“Huh.” He laughes.
“What? Why is that funny?” Kate questioned Richard.
“It’s just the whole concept of time. I’m not even sure what that means anymore.” He sighed.
“Well…” Kate said, then continued, “… perhaps, in time, you’ll know.” She smiled and Richard responded in kind. Then Kate hugged him to say goodbye.
“Good-bye Kate.”

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