Lost Season 7, Episode 4 “Great Big Lie”


Foyer of a hotel in Tanzania.

Desmond is walking around wearing nothing more than a bath-robe. He has just had a shower. He seems a little un-comfortable and embarrassed, but otherwise, he is looking refreshed.

He walks to the front reception, and asks the concierge:

“Eh, Excuse me, can you tell me where I can buy some clothes.”

The concierge looks him up and down, then points to the hallway.

“Down the corridor, to the left.” He states.

Desmond: “Cheers” he smiles.

He walks past the cushioned seats in the foyer and notices a newspaper on a coffee table.

The newspaper is in English, it is called “The London Daily Tribune”.
The headline reads “Predominant business man dissappears, presumed dead”.

Desmond stops, he looks down at the newspaper and notices a photo of Charles Widmore, he turns his head to the front desk.

“Is this paper todays?” He asks.

“Oh no sir.” A voice responds, “that is yesterday’s paper, it takes a day to get here you know.”

A frown comes to Desmond’s forehead.

“No… I did not know.” He pauses, then looks at the date on the paper. It is dated 23rd October, 2007.

He drops the paper in a hurry, running towards the shops, he whispers to himself, “Penny”.

Scene 2.
A rushed, flustered Desmond rushes into a small store near the front of the hotel.

There is a man and a woman working at the shop who look at him oddly.

Desmond: “I need a suit, a black suit. Hurry please!”

Scene 3.
Desmond quickly puts on his new black suit and Ben walks into the shop with a stunned look on his face.

Ben: “W.. What are you doing?” he asks.

Desmond: “Leaving” he promptly replies.

Ben: “Where are you going? What are you doing?”

Desmond: “I’m going to a funeral” he says coldly.

Ben purses his lips, not saying anything. He looks sheepish.

The female shop attendant fixes Desmond’s cuff links and asks:

“and how will you be paying for this today?”

Demonds looks little lost, then looks at Ben.

Ben looks at Desmond with a look of disappointment.

Ben says “well, it looks like I got here at the right time.” And he hands over a credit card.

Desmond smiles and says somewhat sarcastically: “I’ll see you in another life, brother.” And rushes out the door.

Ben looks at the shopkeeper with a semi-smirk on his face.

Scene 4:

A room full of press. Cameras and video cameras on tripods and members of the press are sitting on plastic seats with pads and mp3 recorders at the ready.
A table sits at the front of all the members of press, with 6 empty seats wait for the moment of announcement.

There is French, quickly followed by English announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here come the moment you’ve been waiting for.”

“The Oceanic heroes.”

Noise and light flashes fill the room.

Kate walks into the room, followed by Claire, Lapidus, Sawyer, then Miles and Richard.

The noise is interrupted by a person standing to the side of the table with a microphone, who looks like they are representing the six.

“Ladies and gentlemen, firstly, Kate Austen will explain to everyone why they took control of Ajira Airways Flight 316, why they lied about Oceanic Flight 816 and what happened to the other passengers of flight 816.”

Murmurs filled the room. Reporters where shaking their heads at eachother. Then silence.

“Thank you everyone for listening to me. To us.
I know there are a lot of questions and hopefully, I will be able to explain some of this. This has been a terrible experience for all of us, especially Claire, so we’ll do the best to explain what’s happened, but for now, we all could do with some rest.”

Voices yell out asking all sorts of questions. The person standing to the side of the table with the microphone interrupts:

“Please, ladies and gentlemen, if you could leave your questions until the end, I’m sure Miss Austen will be more than happy to answer these later.”

Kate continued:

“The people who survived Oceanic flight 815, the people that you called ‘The Oceanic six’, we… well we lied about who survived.”
More noise filled the room. Flashes of lights went off.

“There where, in fact more survivors, but only a handful.

We where pulled out of the plane before it sunk to the bottom of the ocean by a fishing boat.
We thought, at the time, that we where safe. We where so great full to be alive, we did not stop to think about where we where going, we where cold, frightened and had no idea what happened.
There where 2 men and a woman on the fishing boat that took us to an Island.
At first, they treated us well, they kept us warm, fed us food and we all though we where going home.

It did not take us long before we realised what type of people they where.
They kept us hostage for many months, torturing some of us, forcing us to do hard labour and just generally treating us like slaves.

These people where outlaws, pirates, if you want to call them that. Opportunists of the worst kind. They used the Island as their base, they where well equipped and had communication with the rest of the world. Luckily, not all the people there where so horrible, people like Richard and Miles, here on my right, had been working for these people and knew what they where capable of. They did what they could to keep us alive.

They eventually learnt of Hugo’s massive lottery winnings. They saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of that fact and held us hostage until they formulated a plan for Hugo to return to them some money, he was instructed to get the money and take it to an abandoned airstrip at a specified location on a specified date.

After negotiations with these people, they agreed that it would look less suspicious if they let some of us return and held the remaining survivors there as ‘collaterial’. Claire had to stay, as she was not well enough to make the return trip, Claire instead asked myself and Jack to take Aaron home, so he could be safe, so we did our best to look after him, pretending that he was our own.

We where told, by these people, that upon our return, if we told the truth about what had happened, Claire, along with the other remaining survivors, would all be tortured and killed.

When myself, Hugo, Sayid, Sun and … Jack returned, we could not live with the knowledge that these people where being held against their will, but we did not want to risk their lives by telling the authorities.

So, instead, Sun agreed to secretly meet with a business man, by the name of Charles Widmore, who hired some mercenaries, to protect us when we returned with the money.

Hugo made sure we could get the money to the airstrip, without alerting authorities, he purchased most of the seats of a flight going in that direction, he paid the pilot and flight attendants to help us and Sayid, Jack and Sun all wanted to help get the survivors home safely, so they agreed to help.

We landed Flight 316 at the designated airstrip. Charles Widmore had chartered a sub marine to ambush the location. However, the people who had been holding us captive where well prepared and where ready for anything. They where well armed and there was a lot of gun fighting before and after we landed. Many people where killed. Some of whom, where our friends.” She paused.

“Jack was killed, Sun and Jin, her husband where murdered. Some of thier people where killed, some of our people, even the mercenaries… the submarine was ambushed and we suspect it was sunk.” She paused again, to wipe a tear from her eyes.

“Fortunately, Miles and Richard decided to help some of our friends escape. They helped Claire escape. Sayid was killed, trying to help them onto the plane. Jack was killed while trying to save the hostages and Hugo never made it back to the plane.”

A brief silence filled the room, then massive noise and questions from people in the audience.

The person with the microphone stopped the noise by pointing to a person in the media chairs.

Media: “Kate, this all sounds very fanciful, you’re telling us that pirates held you and other survivors captive on an Island for …” he looked at his notes “3 years, then decided to use Hugo as a means to obtain money?”

Kate: “Call them pirates, call them terrorist, all you need to know is that they wanted power and would do anything to get it.”

More noise, then another person asks a question:

“Miles and Richard, how long did you work for these people? What made you help the others?”

Richard: “I was with these people for longer than I can remember, I sort of grew up with them. Over the years I saw things that you would not believe. I did not know any other way of life, but as I got older, I began to learn the true value of life, so I did what I could to leave. It was these people sitting next to me who helped me, not the other way around.”

Media: “who are these people, could you find them, and could you describe them to Authorities.”

Richard: “Yes, of course, but there would be very few of them left. Most where killed when the sub go there. Those who survived are probably gone.”

Media: “and Miles what was your involvement?”

Miles: “I was there only short time, a month or two. Long enough to know I didn’t belong”

“Why did you work for these people, how did you find them?”

Miles: “Well, they sort of found me. I was offered good money, no questions asked. So I took it. My bad.” And he shrugs his shoulders.

Media: “Claire. You decided to have Kate and Jack take Aaron away, surely that would have been a very difficult choice to make, I mean, you may have never seen your child again.”

Claire responds quietly:
“I knew that Jack and Kate where good people, I did not want Aaron anywhere near those people, I did what I thought was the right thing to do… for Aaron.”

Media: “And you James? You where also held captive with Claire and the others, what happened to you and why did you remain when the others returned?”

Saywer: “We negotiated with the captors for the release of Sun and Jin because we suspected that Sun was pregnant. Jack and Kate promised to look after Aaron and Hugo promised to return with the money, Sayid went with them to protect them, but he promised to return to help us, which he did and that cost him his life.”

Media: “Captian Lapidus, why did you get involved in this seemingly impossible, dangerous rescue mission?”

Lapidus: “Well, I did had some financial incentive, but I also felt that these people deserved some help.”

Media: “Why not just inform the authorities? Why risk so much for these people?”

Richard answers:
“Make no mistake, these people where highly organized, well informed people. If anyone would have told the truth, then all the people they held hostage would have died for no reason.”

More noise fills the room.

Media: “Captiain Lapidus! Can you give us the location of this mysterious Island?”

Lapidus looks at Kate and says:
“Yes, I can…” then he is quickly interrupted by Richard who says:

“Captiain Lapidus can tell you where it is, but all you’ll find is an abandoned airstrip, a few empty cages and lots of dead bodies.”

Media: “Empty cages? Is that where the Oceanic survivors where held?”

Richard answers:
“Yes, we also used them for holding rare, endangered animals for trade. There wasn’t much that these people did not get involved in.”

“Kate, would it be fair to say that you’re the real hero in this story?”

Kate replies: “No. The real heros are the ones who ultimately died doing what they believed to be the right thing to do. Sayid, Sun and Jin and Jack they all died trying to help.”

Media: “And Hugo?”

Kate: “Hugo risked his life to go back with us, he paid for the rescue attempt, he paid for us to go back… the money meant nothing to him.”

Media: “Do you think he’s still alive?”

Kate: “We like to think so.” She says, but another tear rolls down her cheek. She looks at Sawyer who has a look on his face of true loss and sadness.

Scene 5.
Ji Yeon sits at a table, drawing pictures. There are stick figure drawings of a man holding a girls hand on an island, with palm trees and a sun. She is drawing with a black crayon.

Her Grandmother walks past and looks at her drawing:

Korean translated:

She asks: “What are you drawing, my little flower?”

Ji Yeon: “My English teacher.” She replies, in English.

Grandmother (in English): “You like your English teacher, don’t you?”

Ji Yeon: “Yes.”

Grandmother (in Korean, translated): “Why don’t you invite him here for dinner tonight? We could use the company.”

Ji Yeon replies (English): “Hmmm, ok” and she smiles.

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7 Responses to Lost Season 7, Episode 4 “Great Big Lie”

  1. InTheDale says:

    Another great episode. Please continue. I’ve got to know who Ji Yeon’s English teacher is and if Desmond gets back to Penny and Charlie.

    Also – how are Hugo and Ben leaving the island? We never knew how Ben or Jacob got off the island and then back.

    Thank you for doing this!

    • peterwindle says:

      Cheers. I have also dropped a few “clues” in some episodes. Although, they are probably just as vague and meaningless as the original LOST series.
      For example, do a google search on this episode’s title. Stay tuned for more eps. If you enjoy reading these, spread the word!

      • InTheDale says:

        I am spreading the word!!! I Googled “Great Big Lie” – are you referring to the lyrics of the song by Tea Party? You ARE just like the writers for LOST! Are you Damon or Carlton writing under an assumed name?? Any way – keep up the good writing!

  2. peterwindle says:

    “God is pressure, more or less”
    I am glad you are enjoying it. I have good ideas, but I am not the greatest writer, so bear with me. The next ep could take some time… working on it now.

  3. InTheDale says:

    Take your time. Just keep going.

  4. Justin Mazaleski says:

    The whole ‘abducted by pirates’ idea is interesting, I wonder if their story will hold up though. Lapidus probably made a mistake by saying he knows how to find the island, I could just imagine the press showing up on the island. Hurley sees Geraldo Rivera & Maury Povich approaching on a boat with microphones and cameras.

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