Lost Season 7, Episode 3 “Arriveé”

Scene 1: inside the airplane

Lapidus sights land. An Island and what looks like a runway near a beach.

Lapidus pushes buttons to talk on the radio.

Lapidus: “Damn it! No radio… Looks pretty quiet down there, we’d better do a fly-by before we land, make sure they know what’s coming.”

Sawyer suddenly looks out the window with excitement, then disappointment

Sawyer: “Great, another damn Island!”

They all look out the windows, with fears and hopes.

Lapidus flies the plane low and sights a control tower near the beach.

“Well, civilisation and a place to land, that’s a good sign.”

They fly even lower, making sure that they are visible.

2 small fire engines start moving into position.

Lapidus says on the internal speakers. “Ok, we’re good to go.”

Kate: “Remember what we agreed, we need to be one hundred percent consistent with our stories. No one must ever know what really happened.”

Miles, now sitting with the other passengers, sits in the seat next to Kate and asks: “This is not the first time you’ve lied about surviving a plane crash, what makes you think they’ll believe you this time?”

Kate: “Because this lie will explain our first lie. People will think we’re heroes and everyone needs a hero.”

Sawyer: “I don’t buy it.”

Kate: “Well, do you have a better idea?”

Sawyer: “Hell, even I can’t talk my way out of this one”

Kate: “Then let me do the talking”

Miles moves back to the co-pilots seat and gives Lapidus the low-down on Kate’s story.


Flash to Aaron’s room.

There is his drawing of an airplane on the wall with clouds and happy people on board, the drawing is on large butcher’s paper and has a playing card on it with the number 6 on it.

Aaron is lying on his bed, playing with a small toy plane. His room is a little un-tidy, with toys and play things in the corner. A baseball is visible amongst his toys.

“Aaron!” A voice calls.

“Yes, nanna” He calls back.

“Come and have something to eat” she calls.

He jumps off the bed, knocking the toy plane to the ground.

He runs down the stairs and stops still, when he sees his nanna, who is now staring into the lounge-room, with her mouth open, with a stunned look on her face.

“Nanna? What’s wrong?”

Carole is holding her hand to her mouth, she’s crying and staring at the TV in the living room.

A voice from the television (“Action 8”) reports:

“…just repeating, 6 people, thought to be passengers from the missing Ajira Airways Flight 316 have returned safely, on the plane that disappeared, thought to have crashed 15 days ago. We’ll bring you more in just under 1 hour.”

A visual shows 2 fire engines and 2 ambulances surrounding the plane, with the inflated emergency slide out of the main door at the front of the plane. There are six people walking on the tarmac. One of which Carole identifies as Claire.

She reaches down to Aaron.

Carole: “Mummie’s home, honey. Mommie’s home.”

A close up view of the passengers are shown and Aaron lets go of Carole and runs to the television screen and puts his face on the TV screen. “Mummy, mummy!” He cries and on closer inspection, you can see Kate’s face on the TV underneath Aarons cheeks.

Carole cries even more, now realising what that really means to Aaron. What it really means to her, and what it will mean to Kate.

Scene 3.

A slow motion scene, with haunting music shows Kate, Sawyer, Richard (now with a few more grey hairs), Claire and Miles walking towards awaiting ambulances. Sawyer gives Kate a friendly hug as they walk and exchange an understanding smile.

They have both lost love, both been through so much and now are about to face the rest of the world. In the distance they can see flashes of cameras and TV crews.

Miles looks sheepish. Lapidus looks like he doesn’t like the attention and Claire just looks like she needs a good lye-down. She squints at the sky, it seems so bright.

“Allez! Recevez-les à quarrantine” A voice yelled.

Kate reaches out and holds Claire’s hand.

A faint, but hopeful smile comes to Claire’s face as she looks up to Kate.

They are taken away in ambulances, one with the number plate NC 1551.

Scene 4. Outside a small hotel, somewhere in Tanzania.

Hurley is sitting in the back seat of a taxi in the desert, Desmond is looking even more exhausted before and almost passes out, then he mumbles:

“What have they done with Donovan?”

Desmond’s head is slumped on the backseat of the taxi and Hurley tries to hold his head up, Ben lifts Desmond’s legs out of the Taxi.

Switch to scene inside the hotel:

Ceiling fans turn slowly, a nice young African woman greets Ben.

“Welcome back, Mr Moriarty, will your friends be staying with you this time?”

Ben turns around to Hugo and Desmond.

“Put them into the executive suites, the ones next to mine.”

She looks to Hugo and asks:

“And you are ?”

“Obi-Wan” He replies. And gets a dirty look from Ben.

She looks at him strangely.

“Obi-Wan Kanobi” He continues.

“and you sir?” She looks to Desmond.

“Desmond, Desmond Hume, he says looking away”

They both look at him. Ben just smiles and they walk up to their rooms.

In the corridor, Ben leans over to speak directly to Hugo:

“Are you mad? Do you know how bad that would look on a passport?”

Hugo: “If you can have a secret name, why can’t I? Besides, what did you want me to say? That my name is Jacob?”

Ben: “For now, Hugo would be just fine for now, but you’re right about one thing, we will need to give you a new identity, next time.

Desmond, looking exhausted: “Look fellas, I hate to break up the party, but I just want to get back to Penny and my boy Charlie”

Ben stops and suddenly realises how he has adversely affected Desmond’s life: “Desmond. Can you ever forgive me for what I’ve done to you and your family?”

Desmond says calmly: “Aye, I understand, I know why you did those things, but that does not mean I’ll ever forgive you”

Ben: “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself. You have my word, Desmond, I will do whatever I can to get you back to your family. But now, you need to rest. You’ve been through enough for one day….” He pauses. “…no, you’ve been through enough for a lifetime. Get some sleep. Tomorrow we’ve got work to do.”

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3 Responses to Lost Season 7, Episode 3 “Arriveé”

  1. Justin Mazaleski says:

    Wait a minute…Hurley and Ben just left the island unprotected? Is this the same way that Jacob got off the island to visit the candidates? I guess I will just have to wait to find out…

  2. InTheDale says:

    This is great – I hope you’ll continue.

    I’m also reading The Great LOST Rewatch – here’s to both of you! How I miss LOST!

    • peterwindle says:

      Thanks for the response, I was just about to give up on the writing, so now that I know at least one more person is reading this, I will post up the next ep soon.

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