Lost Season 7, Episode 2 : “Where Hugo, I go”

Scene 1: On the Island: Hurley, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Ben, Desmond

The Island shakes and Hugo looks at Ben.

Hugo: “Dewd, we’d better get off this thing, like, now”

Ben: “I don’t understand. This should not be happening.”

Hugo: “Um, I suppose we can figure that out later? Like, let’s get out of here.”

Ben: “You’re right Hugo, follow me”

Hugo: “Where’re we going?”

Ben: “This is no time to chat Hugo”

Hugo: “What about Desmond?”

Ben: “What about Desmond?” He says coldly.

Hugo: “We can just leave him here!”

Desmond sits up: “I’m fine, will you lend a hand, brother?” he asks, opening his eyes and reaching out with his right arm.

Hugo: “Right, I’ll help him. I will follow you”

They walk together through the jungle, Hugo with Desmond’s arm around his neck. Desmond looks like he’s had too much MacCutcheon whisky.

Scene 2: Flash to Rose and Bernard near their hut.

Rose: “You see, this is what happens when we break the rules” she says, rolling her eyes up towards Bernard.

Bernard: “So now what?” he says sheepishly.

Rose: “We do what we’ve always done. Stay here and enjoy each-other’s company”

Bernard smiles and Rose smiles back, they hug.

Their embrace is interrupted by Vincent, as he runs in from the bushes, he is whimpering.

Bernard: “It’s ok, buddy, you can have a hug too!” He leans down to hold Vincent, but the dog looks nervous and turns his head towards the bush.

Bernard tries to calm him: “It’s ok buddy. Everything’s ok”

Scene 3: Jungle.

Ben slides his way through the jungle into an opening near a DHARMA station. He stops to wait for Hugo.

Desmond is still slowing Hugo down, but is gaining strength.

Hugo arrives with Desmond.

Hugo, upon seeing where they are says: “Oh-oh”

Desmond: “What is this place?”

Ben looks at the station as if it’s the last time he’ll see it.

“It’s called “The Orchid.” He pauses, then continues.

“It’s how we get off the island.”

Hugo says to Ben: “Dewd, last time you went down there, we all ended up back in the 70’s”

Ben: “That was because I tried to move the Island.”

Hugo: “So, you’re not moving the island?”

Ben: “No Hugo, we’re the ones that will be moving, the Island stays.”

Hugo: “What about the others?”

Ben: “The others?”

Hugo: “Rose & Bernard? Some of the people who followed John…”

Ben interrupted: “I’m sure they’ll be ok, well at least for now.”

Hugo: “and what about the island?”

Ben: “Well, I don’t know, Hugo, that’s your job now”

Hugo looks at Ben with a childish needy look on his face.

Ben sighs and assures Hugo: “Once we get somewhere safe, then we’ll work out how get back and fix it. Right now, there are more important things to do”

They open the lift and get in. They close the door and Ben pushes the button. A faint electrical motor sounds and then winds down and stops.

The Island rumbles and they all look a little concerned.

Ben presses the button again. Nothing happens.

Hugo: “Great, now what?”

Ben: “Right, follow me”

They all get out of the lift.

Ben walks, with purpose, into the middle of the Orchid station, there are remnants of a glass house, there are pots around the place, there are gardening tools and jungle vines growing all over the place. Against the wall there is a wheelbarrow, now with a deflated tire and a bicycle sitting behind it, also with deflated tires.

Ben throws the bicycle to the ground and tries to move the wheelbarrow. It is filled with dirt and does not budge.

Ben looks at Hugo and Desmond.

“This would be easier if you both helped.” He says sarcastically.

They both help to move the wheelbarrow forward.

Behind it is a barn door, the kind you would see that gives access to the space underneath a house to shelter from cyclones.

The doors open surprisingly easily. On the inside of the door is an old black and white poster of Rita Heyworth, a little tattered but still in good condition.  Dust and dirt fall into the opening.

They look inside and there is a rectangular area that forms the opening to large round pipe, it looks long, but it is wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side and has a flat bottom. There is a shallow pool of water sitting on the bottom of the pipe.

Ben looks around.

Hugo: “What is this?”

Ben ignores his question, he finds a flame torch, but unfortunately, it has been left in the water. He picks it up and inspects it.

Ben: “Well, the good news is, it’s not the sewer. The bad news is, we’ll have to go through it in complete darkness.”

Desmond: “And exactly how far does this tunnel go?”

Ben: “It should only take a few minutes, it’s a straight walk, keep following the water and you should be fine.”

Desmond: “And exactly where does it take us?”

Ben: “This will take you to your freedom, Desmond.”

Scene 4. Off the Island: Inside an underground office, a red light flashes under a small black and white CRT monitor. In the background, a barely audible alarm is beeping in time with the flashing light.

A woman sits down into an office chair, she pushes a button on the desk. The alarm stops.

She picks up a phone and hits a speed dial number 8 and speaks with an English accent.

“They’re coming” she says coldly.

A voice replies, but it is not audible.

“I can’t tell you that. Nothing is showing on the monitor.”

A few seconds pass by.

“Treat them as guests. There is no hostility required at this point. And no escort, let them find their own way.”

She waits for the other person to respond.

“Please do so. Thank you. Bye.”

A close up of the CRT screen show darkness with very faint outline of a human figure, or two, making their way through a dark tunnel.

The woman speaks to herself:

“Well, at least I can say for certain, it’s not another bloody polar bear.”

She turns to put the phone down and get out of the chair. She turns around to reveal that the woman is in fact, Eloise. She has pursed lips and an annoyed look on her face.

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6 Responses to Lost Season 7, Episode 2 : “Where Hugo, I go”

  1. Justin Mazaleski says:

    It’s strange but I found myself on the edge of my seat while reading this, curious as to what would happen next. But I have to wonder, did Ben really know of such a simple method to leave the island all along? Does this tunnel come out in Tunisia as well? Sorry, my analytical mind is on overdrive from sifting through so much LOST lately. But I am enjoying this very much. And it’s gotten me thinking that they really COULD do another whole season of this show if they wanted to…or maybe a few more with Hurley & Ben protecting the island from a new threat, interweaving the old characters into a new storyline with new characters. Man, I love this show!

    • peterwindle says:

      Did you like my reference to Rita Heyworth?

      • Justin Mazaleski says:

        I did but I can’t remember, is that something from the show? It immediately made me think of the movie ‘Mulholland Drive’, where there’s also a movie poster of Rita Heyworth in a pivotal scene.

  2. peterwindle says:

    The reference is to Rita Heyworth and the Shawshank redemption.

  3. Justin Mazaleski says:

    That’s right, I forgot about that. I know that Darlton are huge Stephen King fans, but I never really got into his writing. I read ‘Carrie’, ‘The Shining’, and ‘Misery’ in junior high, ‘Misery’ was decent but I found the others to be anticlimactic. And did you see the TV show he did a few years ago, ‘Kingdom Hospital’? The 2 hour pilot was amazing, then the show just fell apart after that when it couldn’t decide if it wanted to have self-contained stories or a continuing storyline. That massive letdown turned me off to Stephen King for good. I apologize, I don’t mean to bash the guy. To be fair, I don’t really appreciate fictional novels anyway. For me, it’s too much time invested with a minimal reward. Unless it’s something by Bret Easton Ellis.

    • peterwindle says:

      That’s why I wrote (Ben says) “Well, the good news is, it’s not the sewer”.


      I did not know of ‘Kingdom Hospital’. But I have often found that the books don’t always translate too well to movies.
      Christine was not too bad. Special effects helped.
      Shawshank is a good read, a lot better than the usual formulated crud and it did translate well to the movie.

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