LOST SERIES 7 (as I imagine it to be)

Ep 1. “New Life”

▪    Scene 1: The flight leaving the island. Lapidus is in the pilot’s seat, Miles is in the co-pilot’s seat. The others are seated at the front of the plane. The plane is a little un-stable, but flying without problems.

On the Plane: Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Richard, Miles, Frank

Lapidus over the internal speaker: “You’d better buckle up, we’re in for a rocky ride!”

Kate, feeling somewhat numb, is staring out the window. Somehow, somewhere in the back of her mind, she knows Jack is gone. She fights tears, but they stream down her now dirty cheeks.

The island is crumbling at the edges, some cliff faces are falling into the sea.

Most of the passengers are deadly quiet, despite the knowledge that they are going home, they are stunned, saddened and exhausted.

Miles gets up and opens the cockpit door so he can talk to everyone on board.

Miles: “Sawyer and Claire are dead.” They all look at Miles, dazed and confused.

“Kate, when you and the other so called “Oceanic 6” got of the island, you said there where no other survivors, in fact, Sayid was adamant about it. If we’re all lucky enough to get home, you, me and Lapidus we can explain, we just simply got this plane back up into the sky. Richard does not even exist, so we can could say he’s been stranded on an island we crash landed. But Claire and Sawyer, accrding to the rest of the world, you’re both dead. How the heck are we going to explain this if we get back?”

When we get back!” Lapidus yells, making sure that Miles knows he can hear him.

Kate looks at Miles and her eyes widen. She closes her eyes again and shakes her head.

“He’s right. We are going to have to explain all this when we get back.”

Sawyer: “Damn the rest of the world, they can go to hell.”

Kate looks at him in disgust. He calms down a little.

Sawyer: “Look, we’ve been shot at, beaten, kidnapped, travelled through time, fought off dead guys who turn into black smoke monsters, we’ve been to hell and back… and for what?”

Claire comes out of her semi-stupor and speaks softly.

Claire: “I know exactly why.”

Sawyer: “Oh, and what might that be?”

Claire: “Aaron. I need to see Aaron”

They all looked at each other, as if to acknowledge that the children left behind in the ‘real’ world where the only important thing right now and nothing else mattered.

Scene 2.

Flash to ‘real world’, Carole Littleton is toy shopping with Aaron, holding his hand whilst they walk through the iles. Aaron sees a small toy plane on the shelf and a sad look appears on his face.

Aaron looks up at Carole.

Aaron: “Nanna, when is mummy coming home?”

Carole: “Soon, honey. Soon” she replies with a slight shaking in her lips, fighting back tears.

Scene 3:

Flash to a little girl, about 5 years old. She has brown hair and light brown eyes. She is at pre-school playing in the playground.

A smart, silver sedan pulls up in the parking lot outside, a well dressed woman with brown shoulder length hair puts a black purse over her shoulder and walks confidently into the pre-school.

“Mummy, mummy” the little girl smiles and runs up to her legs and hugs her with glee.

The woman picks up the girl and hugs her. A wider view of the woman reveals that it is Cassidy.

Scene 4:

An elderly Asian woman in a lavish apartment, serves up a dinner on an expensive dining table, for her granddaughter. It is a delicious, carefully prepared rice dish with meat, sauce and vegetables.

The little girl appears to be about 7 years old, she is looking sad and tired.

The woman talks in Korean

Woman translated:

“Please eat, Ji Yeon.”

The girl is dis-responsive and supporting her head in her hands.

Woman translated:

“If you eat your dinner, tomorrow, we go to English school.”

The woman speaks English:

“We practice English, together, ok?”

Ji Yeon:

“Ok”, she replies in Engligh, then smiles excitedly and commences eating.

Scene 5.

A sailing boat, out in the middle of the ocean, is being captained by a woman, she looks out to the ocean and then hears the radio.

“Hello?” she answers, sounding surprised to hear anyone.

Very faintly (barely audible) you can hear a voice:

“Mrs Hume?”

“Yes?” she replies.

“I am terribly sorry to inform you, but there’s been some bad news about your father”

“What? What do you mean, what is it?” she asks.

“Well, it seems like he is missing, presumed dead”

“What? How? When?” she cries.

“Well, it difficult to say. Mr Widmore has left some documents in your name. Your presence is required to formalise proceedings.”

“Proceedings?” she asks, confused.

“Well, for one, there’s the funeral, then there’s the matter of the Will and the directorialship of Widmore Laboratories.

“Of course, I understand, we’ll be back in 2 days… um… thank you” she confirms.

A young boy with redish-blonde curly hair comes up from below.

“Mummy, are you ok?” he asks, noticing her crying. The woman is revealed to be Penny.

“Yes, honey.” She replies, bending down to talk to her son.

“Charlie, it’s your grandfather.” She pauses. “Now I know you have never met him and he probably means nothing to you. But, he is… was… my father and now he’s gone.”

“Gone?” He asks.

“He’s dead, Charlie. He’s gone forever.” She explains, with tears running down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry mummy, please don’t cry” he pleads. But his caring words just make her even more upset and she hugs him and cries some more. She is both sad and happy at the same time.

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7 Responses to LOST SERIES 7 (as I imagine it to be)

  1. Michael Porter says:

    I think its good what you have written. and would love to read some more. But How is Ji Yeon 7years of age? Im interested in what your plans are for Richard. And Will you write about Eloise?

    • peterwindle says:

      Hey! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it. I will try and post up new eps about 1 per month or more if I can find the time!!

      As I wrote: “The little girl appears to be about 7 years old”.
      Appearances can be deceptive. In this photo,
      she appears to be growing quickly. 😉

      Richard is a tricky one, he does not seem to fit into the picture very well from this point on… it will take a while for me to come up with something worthy, or, in true LOST style I could kill him off and leave you in a state of confusion!

      Hey, Eloise, now there’s a nasty one. She seems to have known so much and also lost her son when he went back and saw her in the past and SHE SHOT HIM!!… derrrrrr it does my head in… I think that will be an even harder nut to crack. But, I do have some ideas.

  2. Justin Mazaleski says:

    I like it so far! I had been wondering how Claire & Sawyer would explain their reappearance after the Oceanic Six all said they were dead. And I am curious as to what Richard would do with himself, it’s not like he has any friends still alive.

    Eloise is the most perplexing character in the show to me overall. I imagine that it would be difficult to predict her reaction to Flight 316 arriving home. I guess it would depend on what your interpretation of the flash-sideways was.

    I am interested to see more of this, it will do nicely to at least partially satisfy my hunger for new LOST episodes.

  3. ash says:

    I liked this hope you do more.

  4. Dorothy says:

    This made me feel as if I were back watching “Lost” without missing a beat. I want to read more; it got me excited about the continuation of the story and the places it could go. And I do very much wonder how will the “dead” Losties explain their return. Do give us more!

  5. Hi Peter,
    Well, I finally started Season Seven. Well done. I liked the scenes where you bring in the children. Wow, a whole new generation to get to know. I look forward to reading on…
    Lydia Stanton

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